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After a while, Han Li's expression changed slightly, and he reopened his eyes.

A ball of golden light was flying out of the giant city that belonged to the Long Family, and it quickly arrived in the air close to Han Li.

Within the golden ball of light was a middle-aged man; it was none other than the Long Family patriarch.

He was appraising Han Li in an expressionless manner from above, and Han Li calmly rose to his feet before cupping his fist in a salute. "Greetings, Brother Long."

"I heard that you had progressed to the mid-Body Integration Stage, and I had thought that was just a rumor. However, it seems that you really made another breakthrough, Fellow Daoist Han. Your rate of progression may not be unmatched by anyone of the past or the future, but there's certainly no one in the entire human race who can currently compare with you," the Long Family Patriarch said in a slightly awestruck manner.

"You're far too kind, Brother Long; I'm sure you haven't come out to see me just to discuss my cultivation progression, right?" Han Li said in an indifferent manner.

The Long Family patriarch's lips twitched slightly as he replied, "Of course not, but I think the purpose for your visit is already quite apparent. You've progressed to the mid-Body Integration Stage, so you've clearly already decided to come with us on our journey to the Elder Devil Race."

"Indeed, I've decided to join you on this journey, but that's not the main purpose for my visit; I would like to propose an exchange with you, Brother Long," Han Li said as he crossed his arms in a calm manner.

The Long Family patriarch faltered slightly upon hearing this before a curious look appeared in his eyes. "Oh? What's the exchange?"

"I heard that your Long Family is able to refine a type of pill known as the Dragon Spirit Pill using Dragon True Spirit Blood as the main ingredient, and that this pill is rather useful for breaking through Body Integration Stage bottlenecks. Also, I've heard that your family seems to have replicated the legendary Giant Atlas Ark," Han Li replied without giving a direct response.

"That is indeed the case. Are you interested in those two items, Fellow Daoist? That's a pity for you, then, because there's no way I would offer those two items for exchange," the Long Family patriarch chuckled coldly.

"Why speak in such absolute terms, Brother Long? There is nothing in this world that can't be exchanged; it's all about whether I can offer you something that'll be sufficiently tempting to you," Han Li chuckled in a confident manner.

The Long Family patriarch's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this, but his expression remained unchanged. "Oh? You sound very confident, Fellow Daoist."

Han Li smiled, and continued, "I heard that you've been held back by a late-Body Integration Stage bottleneck for tens of thousands of years already; would you be interested in something that can help you break through that bottleneck

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