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Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this before finally catching sight of the scenes within the crater down below.

The Five-colored Peacock laid within the crater with its talons pointing up at the heavens, and its feathers were in a state of complete disarray, with many of them having been severed. However, it was quite clear that the peacock itself hadn't sustained much damage.

In the next instant, it began to chant a complex incantation, and all of the five-colored runes revolving around it suddenly converged toward a single spot.

Countless runes came together to form a five-colored light formation with a diameter of several thousand feet, and Buddhist chants rang out from within the formation, which was also radiating piercing five-colored light.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and he suddenly brought his palms together, upon which the two giant golden swords instantly combined as one amid a flash of golden light.

The combined giant sword was around 300 to 400 feet in length, and it was flashing with golden light. There was a faint azure wyrm dancing and writhing within the sword, looking as if it could erupt out of the sword and rise up to the heavens at any moment.

The giant ape then uttered the word "slash" in a cold voice, and swung the giant sword downward.

A streak of azure sword Qi immediately erupted from the blade, and it swelled to over 1,000 feet in size in a flash before striking the giant light formation in a vicious manner.

The formation was torn apart without being able to offer any resistance, but it then immediately repaired itself, and it was as if the slash of the giant sword had been completely ineffective against the light formation.

A hint of surprise flashed through the giant ape's eyes upon seeing this, but a cold smile then immediately appeared on its face as it slashed the giant sword downward again.

With Han Li's wealth of battle experience, he was naturally aware that the light formation definitely wasn't truly indestructible; he would just have to attack it a few more times.

The second streak of sword Qi was even more devastating than the first one, but as soon as it left the giant sword, the Five-colored Peacock suddenly ceased its chanting, then pointed one of its talons toward a certain direction in a solemn manner.

A pained roar immediately rang out from that direction, and Han Li's heart stirred slightly as he turned toward the source of the roar.

There, he discovered the Lightning Beast and Provenance Golden Body still engaged in a fierce battle, and the former wore an agonized expression on its face.

A loud thunderclap rang out from its body, and bolts of lightning of three different colors erupted forth in a frenzy, covering its entire body in a dense lightning net. It then abruptly abandoned its battle against the golden body and transformed into a ball of three-colored lightning, then hurtled directly toward the gian

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