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However, in order to produce a beetle monarch, these beetles had to continue to devour one another. This naturally made Han Li quite frustrated, yet he was unable to find a suitable solution, so he could only employ all types of methods to refine the bodies of these beetles for now.

In doing so, he would be able to gradually improve their powers, thereby increasing the possibility of a beetle monarch being nurtured in the long run.

Furthermore, even though he hadn't managed to nurture a beetle monarch, it was now a simple task for him to control these 13 Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles with his spiritual sense. As such, they became a far more feasible option to be used in battle than tens of thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles, and they were a new addition to his collection of trump cards.

During these past years, Han Li had also exhausted most of his supply of Divine Infernal River Elixir, and his physical constitution had undergone some profound changes. The most prominent of these changes was that the rate at which he could convert the world's origin Qi into magic power during cultivation had sped up by over 30%.

30% didn't seem to be all that incredible, but this essentially meant that he was able to achieve the same effect in his cultivation as he had in the past in around three-fourths of the original time.

On top of that, Qing Yuanzi had told him with great confidence that cleansing one's body with Divine Infernal River Elixir would benefit one immensely when it came to breaking through Body Integration Stage bottlenecks. Otherwise, the four demon monarchs of the earth abyss wouldn't have taken such a massive risk to try and obtain some of the elixir.

Furthermore, Han Li had also been constantly consuming all types of pills that could enhance his cultivation base, so his magic power was progressing at a rapid rate.

At this point, he had already reached the pinnacle of the mid-Body Integration Stage, and he would only require less than 20 more years of preparation before he could begin to attempt making a breakthrough.

With that in mind, Han Li heaved a faint sigh and closed his eyes to cultivate again. However, right at this moment, white spiritual light suddenly flashed from the door of the secret chamber, following which a semi-transparent burst of light rippled throughout the chamber.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this before immediately sweeping a sleeve toward the door, which instantly opened amid a flash of spiritual light.

A fireball then instantly shot forth into the chamber before quickly flying into Han Li's grasp, and he looked down at the fireball before injecting his spiritual sense into it, following which his expression changed drastically.

His fingers abruptly came together, and the fireball was crushed amid a dull thump. Under the illumination of its red light, an extremely dark expression had appeared on Han Li's face.

"I didn't think the devilish mark would a

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