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The second level was naturally far more perilous than the first one, but it still posed no threat to Han Li and the others. After checking the map to verify their location, they traveled west for three days and three nights in succession.

Along the way, they slew some mid-grade demons and encountered several groups of law-enforcing cultivators. Even the weakest of these cultivators were at the Deity Transformation Stage, and there were even some holy race beings among them.

Jin Yue was the grand elder of the Tian Peng Race, so these law-enforcing cultivators naturally granted her passage without much interrogation.

However, Jin Yue was gradually becoming more and more unsettled by this. It was very strange that they had deployed so many people just to hunt down a single thief. Could it be that there were some hidden details involved in this matter?

Jin Yue had been the grand elder of the Tian Peng Race for many years, so she was naturally far more intelligent and sensitive than the average being. However, despite her growing suspicions, she made no outward displays of her emotions.

Thus, the three of them found the entrance to the third level quite easily, hidden beneath an underground river.

After drifting with the flow of the water for several hours, Han Li's trio arrived on the third level of the earth abyss.

Three days later, Han Li's trio was flying over a set of barren plains that was littered with rocks, when all of a sudden, they felt a disturbance in the world's origin Qi in the distance. Immediately thereafter, a streak of silver light appeared in the distant sky, followed by a resounding boom that made the entire earth tremor violently.

Han Li and Jin Yue's expressions both changed drastically as they exchanged a glance with one another.

"It seems like there are people fighting over there, Fellow Daoist Jin. Should we go and have a look?" Han Li asked after a brief hesitation.

"If there are any law-enforcement squad members nearby, it would be apparent to them that we're hiding something if we don't go and investigate such a massive commotion," Jin Yue said.

"In that case, let's go and have a look." Han Li didn't want to have to take any detours, but he knew that Jin Yue was right, so he agreed with a quick nod.

Lei Lan naturally had no objections, either, so the three of them changed directions and flew toward the place where the silver lightning had just flashed from.

After flying for close to 10,000 kilometers, they finally stopped and looked down at the carnage below with different expressions on their faces.

A massive crater with a radius of several hundred feet had appeared on the ground below, and everything around the crater was completely charred black.

There was a faint odor of scorched earth wafting through the air, and it seemed that this was the result of a lightning strike.

All of a sudden, Han Li raised a hand before making a grabbing motion toward a certa

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