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"This senior sure lives in a rather unique place!" Han Li looked down at the dazzling golden island in a stunned manner.

"Hehe, this is just one of his strange indulgences. You'll know what he's like when you meet him," Qing Yuanzi replied as a slightly peculiar look appeared in his eyes.

"I'm quite curious about this senior now," Han Li mused with a contemplative look on his face.

Meanwhile, Qing Yuanzi swept a sleeve toward the white light barrier up ahead, and a burst of golden light immediately shot forth before transforming into a giant golden sword that was over 100 feet in length.

The sword swept toward the light barrier without any hesitation, and a resounding boom rang out as ripples ran over the entire surface of the light barrier.

Almost at the exact same moment, several roars of fury immediately rang out from the island.

"Who dares to attack our Golden Flame Island?"

"Are you unaware that this is Master Golden Flame's abode?"

Several figures instantly appeared within the light barrier before revealing themselves to be four golden-armored guards, all of whom immediately turned toward Qing Yuanzi and Han LI with furious expressions.

However, upon catching sight of Qing Yuanzi, the four guards hurriedly extended respectful bows. "Ah, it's Master Qing!"

It was quite clear that all of the guards recognized Qing Yuanzi, and their enraged expressions immediately faded.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense toward these four guards and discovered that they were all at the Spatial Tempering Stage. However, there were violent auras within all of their bodies, so they clearly weren't ordinary people.

"Golden Flame Baron, why don't you come out to meet your old friend?" Qing Yuanzi called out toward the golden palace, paying no heed to the four golden-armored guards

Even though his voice wasn't very loud, he had clearly used some kind of secret technique that made his voice audible over the entire island.

"Come in on your own, Qing Yuanzi. Are you asking me to come out to greet you?" An indifferent male voice rang out from within the golden palace in response. It was coming from somewhere quite far away, but it was also very clearly audible to Han Li and Qing Yuanzi.

"Hehe, pardon my intrusion, then. You can lead the way for me," Qing Yuanzi said to the four guards with a smile.

The four golden-armored guards hurriedly replied in a respectful manner, "Yes, please come with us, Senior."

Thus, Han Li and Qing Yuanzi were led through the light barrier by the guards before descending toward the palace on the island.

Not long after that, Qing Yuanzi was seated in a spacious hall in a casual manner, while Han Li was seated beside him in a more rigid and respectful posture.

On the main seat in the hall sat a golden-robed middle-aged man with a golden dragon crown on his head, and a calm look on his face.

"I can see that this fellow Daoist is a mid-Body Integration cultivator; c

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