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Golden light abruptly flashed from the giant ape's arms, and they swelled even further in size before hurling the two extreme mountains through the air as projectile weapons.

As soon as the small mountains left the giant ape's hands, they swelled to several times their original size, expanding to 400 to 500 feet tall. The mountains then emerged above the crimson peacock in a flash before crashing down with devastating force.

Even before they had reached the peacock, a sharp ringing sound had already begun to ring out in the nearby space, and invisible shockwaves also proliferated in all directions.

The crimson peacock was immediately struck by a terrifying sense of asphyxiation, which was slightly alarming, but it didn't pay this sensation much heed as it flapped its wings violently upward.

A burst of crimson light immediately swept forth before transforming into a gust of fierce winds, riding up into the air to oppose the two oncoming extreme mountains.

The crimson light wasn't as versatile and profound as Five-colored Divine Light, but it was extremely toxic and was especially potent when it came to eroding the spiritual nature of treasures. No matter how powerful a treasure was, it would be reduced to a dead object by the crimson light.

However, there was naturally no way for Shopkeeper Yu to know that these two mountains were refined using methods from the True Immortal Realm, and that even in that higher realm, they were two of the vastly renowned Five Extreme Mountains. Furthermore, the power of this attack stemmed primarily from the extraordinary weight of the two extreme mountains, coupled with the tremendous strength of the giant ape, rather than any special powers that the two mountains possessed.

Thus, the pair of mountains tore through the crimson light with ease and continued onward without any impediment.


Shopkeeper Yu was extremely alarmed to see this, and he immediately tried to get out of the scope of the attack.

However, the two giant mountains encompassed an area with a radius of over 1,000 feet, so there was no way for him to evade them in such a short time.

An astonished look appeared in the crimson peacock's eyes, and in its desperation, it opened its beak to expel a scroll, which immediately unfurled as soon as it emerged.

Bright light radiated in all directions as five-colored projections of buildings and pavilions instantly appeared from the scroll. The projections were all extremely vivid and vibrant, and struck the onlooker with a sense of intrigue and mystique.

Judging from the violent spatial fluctuations triggered by the emergence of these projections, it was quite apparent that this was an extremely rare spatial treasure.

In the eyes of Shopkeeper Yu, this spatial treasure, which was his best life-saving treasure, would definitely be able to keep the two mountains at bay.

After all, no matter how much force and momentum the two mountains possessed

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