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"You're far too kind, Brother Han; it was the restrictions you set up in advance that limited the phenomenon. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to do anything with my powers alone," the Ice Phoenix chuckled.

"So you really did progress to the mid-Body Integration Stage! That's fantastic! You won't even have to fear late-Body Integration cultivators now, Master," Hai Yuetian exclaimed in an excited manner.

"What nonsense are you spouting? I can't compare with late-Body Integration cultivators. By the way, you came back at just the right time. I'm planning to venture into the primordial world soon, and even if everything goes smoothly, it'll most likely be a century or two before I return. Prior to my departure, I have to see you and your martial brother and martial sister so I can give you some guidance in your future cultivation. The three of you have to strive to become a lot more powerful prior to the commencement of the devilish tribulation. I heard from Fairy Phoenix that Qi Lingzi has already reached the Nascent Soul Stage, and Guo'er has also progressed to the late-Core Formation Stage, so she'll be able to manifest a Nascent Soul within the next 100 years as well. In contrast, you're progressing far too slowly," Han Li said in a serious manner.

Hai Yuetian was rather alarmed by the serious tone of Han Li's voice, and he countered, "But Master, I'm a simultaneous cultivator, so it's only normal for me to progress slightly slower; I haven't slacked off in my cultivation at all."

"I'm naturally aware of how difficult simultaneous cultivation is, but do you think the elder devils will care about your hardships? Only by becoming more powerful can you ensure your own survival during the devilish tribulation," Han Li scolded.

Hai Yuetian didn't dare to argue any further, and he replied, "Yes, Master; I'll be sure to work harder on my cultivation."

"Alright, I'm going to notify Qi Lingzi and Guo'er through the Myriad Distance Talismans to return as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I'll instruct you in your cultivation, so don't go back to Deep Heaven City just yet. For now though, I have something to discuss with Fairy Phoenix in private; I'll speak to you later," Han Li instructed.

"Yes, Master," Hai Yuetian immediately replied in a respectful manner before exiting the hall.

Following his departure, Han Li turned to the Ice Phoenix with a smile, and said, "Congratulations, Fairy Phoenix; not only have you recovered your past cultivation base, you've even made further improvements."

"It's all thanks to you, Brother Han. Without your generous supply of pills, there's no way I could've recovered to this extent so quickly. However, my progress is nothing when compared to yours, Brother Han. Progressing from the early-Body Integration Stage to the mid-body Integration Stage in just a few centuries is truly an astonishing feat. I presume you're planning to attempt a breakthrough to the late-Body Integration

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