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All of the beetles let loose pained cries upon being struck by these incantation seals, and they instantly separated. Immediately thereafter, the three Han Lis began to chant something while making a series of different hand seals.

The golden beetles seemed to have fallen under the control of some kind of restriction, and even though they were very reluctant to do so, they were forced to fly toward the white threads that had emerged before them, then set about devouring these white threads.

They did so at an astonishing rate, and the countless white threads that had erupted from the cauldron were quickly completely devoured.

The green-skinned Han Li suddenly opened his mouth upon seeing this, and countless specks of silver light emerged.

These were only pea-sized specks of light, but when they fell into the giant cauldron, they quickly transformed into several tens of palm-sized silver flowers. The petals of the flowers were shimmering with silver light, and they all had crimson patterns running along them.

The thirteen beetles let loose cries of elation at the sight of these silver flowers, and they immediately flew toward the flowers before quickly devouring them.

However, as soon as one flower disappeared, another one would emerge to take its place.

After a while, the beetles had consumed thousands of these silver flowers, and their bodies seemed to have expanded slightly in size.

At this moment, the shimmering golden Han Li abruptly opened his eyes, and balls of black flames erupted out of his crimson eyeballs. After just a few flashes, they transformed into a seal of black flames that swept up all of the beetles within the cauldron.

A peculiar scene then ensued!

All of the spirit insects immediately began to devour the black flames as well, and it didn't take long before all of the flames disappeared.

At this moment, the final Han Li let loose a loud cry before waving both of his sleeves through the air. A pair of loud thunderclaps rang out, and golden light flashed as two thick golden arcs of lightning erupted forth. They then transformed into two nets of golden lightning that fell one after another, completely encompassing the thirteen beetles beneath them.

A string of rumbling booms then rang out, and the lightning nets transformed into countless thin arcs of lightning that inundated all of the beetles.

The arcs of lightning struck the beetles, causing the purple patterns on their bodies to flash erratically, but upon closer inspection, one would discover that they were extending their limbs as much as possible. In doing so, they were allowing the most amount of lightning to strike their bodies, and not only did they remain completely unscathed, they were clearly thoroughly enjoying this process.

After a long while, the golden lightning finally gradually dissipated, and the Han Li with the golden halo behind him also opened his eyes. The 72 azure swords within the halo tremored bef

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