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Thus, Jin Feng waved a hand, and some of the guards immediately stepped forward before purple wooden badges appeared in their hands amid flashes of spiritual light.

The wooden badges glowed bright, and two purple pillars of light shot forth before vanishing into the center of the formation on the wall in a flash.

A buzzing sound immediately rang out from the silver formation, following which a giant silver gate appeared on that section of the city wall.

The gate was several hundred feet tall and gave off a very cold light, looking as if it had been constructed entirely from metal.

Jin Feng then began to chant something before sweeping a sleeve toward the gate, and a burst of azure light erupted forth. As a result, the gate was slowly opened.

"Thank you for your efforts, Fellow Daoist," Jin Yue said with a smile.

She then led Han Li and Lei Lan through the giant gate as three streaks of light, quickly vanishing into the world beyond the gate.

Jin Feng stood in front of the giant gate and looked on as they disappeared from view. He had a contemplative look on his face, as if there were a nagging concern in his heart.

"Perhaps I'm just being too paranoid. I did sense something slightly off about that guard, but there shouldn't be any issues. Jin Yue is the grand elder of the Tian Peng Race, so she wouldn't do anything detrimental to the Flying Spirit Race," Jin Feng murmured to himself before issuing an instruction to have the gate closed again. After that, he sat down at his original spot again before closing his eyes.

On the other side, Han Li's trio was situated beneath a massive sea of mist, flying toward the entrance to the earth abyss.

Back when Han Li had been a Deity Transformation cultivator, flying through these winds had been a slightly difficult task. However, now that he was at the mid-Body Integration Stage, they naturally posed no impediment to him at all.

Even when he encountered those black glacial winds at the end, they were all easily repelled as a layer of azure light flashed from his body.

As for Lei Lan, she was being protected by Jin Yue, so her safety was naturally ensured.

Not long after that, they were greeted by the sight of the earth abyss entrance, which resembled a gigantic funnel.

Han Li looked down at the giant funnel through narrowed eyes before descending toward it without any hesitation.

Jin Yue and Lei Lan exchanged a glance before also doing the same.

After entering the earth abyss, Han Li was immediately buffeted by fierce winds from all directions, and everything was quite similar to when he had last entered the place.

Around 10 minutes later, he suddenly stopped in his descent, and at this point, he had finally entered the first level of the earth abyss.

However, as he inspected his surroundings, his brows immediately furrowed slightly. He was situated in the air above a murky grey swamp. There was a faint layer of green mist over the sw

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