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In the next instant, the black spirit beast bracelet was struck by countless bolts of lightning at once and instantly exploded into a cloud of black Qi.

The black Qi then absorbed all of the lightning it was being struck by, and remained completely unscathed.

A hint of surprise flashed through the two-headed beast's eyes, but it then harrumphed coldly before reaching out and making a grabbing motion toward the black Qi with one of its silver hands.

Countless bolts of lightning immediately intertwined to form a massive five-colored hand above the cloud of black Qi, and the enormous hand then grabbed onto the black Qi at an astonishing speed with countless arcs of lightning crackling over its surface.

The fingers of the giant hand tightened, and a scintillating flash of lightning erupted as it attempted to crush the cloud of black Qi into oblivion.

However, another enraged ape cry rang out from within the black Qi, following which a streak of crimson light erupted forth and pierced through the massive five-colored hand in a flash.

A peculiar scene then ensued.

As soon as the crimson light flashed through the five-colored hand, the latter immediately crumbled away as if it had encountered the bane of its existence.

Thus, the black Qi regained its freedom, then immediately transformed into a small black monkey.

It was none other than the Weeping Soul Beast!

However, the current Weeping Soul Beast was clearly far different from how it normally was. It was staring up at the giant two-headed beast with excitement and elation on its face, and without even requiring any instructions from Han Li, it let loose a thunderous roar before expanding to over 300 feet tall amid a flash of black light.

Crimson light then flashed within its eyes, and it thumped its mountainous chest with its massive fists.

All of its fur immediately stood up on end, and strange horns appeared on its head. It then revealed its fangs in a menacing manner, and it had transformed into a giant three-eyed monster.

The monster also had three inky-black bone spikes on its back, and it was extremely terrifying to behold.

"Xing Beast!" Shopkeeper Yu's head immediately let loose a shrill cry of horror at the sight of the giant monster, and all of the countless bolts of lightning in the surrounding area converged toward the two-headed beast to form a massive shield of lightning. The shield had an area of over 1,000 feet, and was over 100 feet thick.

The giant two-headed beast then flapped its eight wings in unison, and five-colored lightning surged forth from its enormous body in a frenzy, following which it abruptly vanished amid a loud thunderclap.

In the next instant, the giant two-headed beast reappeared close to 10 kilometers away amid a flash of five-colored lightning.It immediately flapped its wings again, and more arcs of lightning emerged from its body as it attempted to flee the scene.

Right at this moment, the Weep

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