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The woman then tossed the purple copper coin from before high up into the air, and it transformed into a large copper bowl in a flash before descending right onto the center of the stone platform.

The bowl's surface was covered in layers of complex runes, and there was a ball of purple light within it that seemed to be concealing something, but was impossible to see into.

The woman's expression remained unchanged as she pointed a finger toward the puppets one after another, and layers of black Qi suddenly appeared over the surfaces of the wooden dolls, following which eight different sinister ghostly faces were manifested.

They roared and struggled violently from behind the wooden dolls, but seemed to be bound to the dolls and were unable to get stray far away from them.

The woman paid no heed to this, and calmly instructed, "Prepare the sacrifices!"

"Yes, Mistress!" Hei'e replied before immediately rushing into the air directly above the stone platform, then abruptly laid a hand onto his own waist.

A palm-sized black leather pouch instantly flew out of his body, then swelled to around 10 feet in size before tipping itself over above the purple copper bowl.

The pouch was opened, and crimson liquid gushed out of it toward the purple ball of light.

The crimson liquid was flowing out of the pouch like an endless waterfall, but the bowl showed no sign of being filled, as if it were a bottomless pit.

Hei-e wasn't surprised at all to see this, and he merely continued to oversee the proceedings.

After a long while, more than a ton of liquid had gushed out of the leather pouch, yet it was still flowing without any signs of subsiding.

"Alright, that should be enough. It wasn't easy to collect all this blood essence from Body Integration Stage ancient beasts, so we should conserve it where possible," the woman suddenly said.

Hei'e immediately made a grabbing motion toward the leather pouch upon seeing this, and the stream of blood immediately ceased before the pouch flew back to him in a flash.

The woman took a deep breath and made a hand seal, upon which a massive pink floral tree suddenly appeared behind her.

The tree was glittering and translucent with fist-sized pink flowers growing all over its branches, all of which were giving off an intoxicating aroma.

The woman's body blurred, and she suddenly vanished before appearing directly above the tree. Her pristine bare foot was treading light upon the flower growing at the very top of the tree, and she flipped a hand over to produce a white bone blade that was very thin and extremely sharp.

She then slowly raised an arm and extended her wrist out of her sleeve before slashing the bone blade across her wrist.

A stream of viscous silver liquid immediately trickled down from her wrist and dripped onto the top of the floral tree before vanishing into it.

A loud buzzing sound rang out, and the pink tree instantly turned silver, creating

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