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The black-armored man immediately gave an affirmative reply upon hearing this, and the woman swept a sleeve through the air to release a burst of pink light, upon which both of them vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, on a tall mountain in the Spirit Race territory, there were three Body Integration Stage Holy Spirits surrounding a handsome young man.

The young man wore a long golden robe, and was facing the trio in an expressionless manner with his hands clasped behind his back.

There was a huge shimmering golden lotus flower embroidered on the front of his robes that was extremely eye-catching. The mountain down below was riddled with pits and craters, within which there were over 1,000 sets of remains. There were also countless fragments of treasures littered all over the ground, all of which were completely devoid of luster.

"I don't care who you are; you've committed an unforgivable crime by killing so many of our brethren and absorbing their essence! The three of us are going to make sure you suffer a terrible death!" one of the Holy Spirits, a short and stubby elderly man, spat through gritted teeth.

The other two Holy Spirits consisted of a long-haired elderly man holding a green bamboo cane, and a young beauty who appeared to be in her thirties.

All three of them were appraising the golden-robed young man with fiery rage in their eyes.

In contrast with other races, it was very difficult for Spirit beings to attain intelligence. Thus, their population had always been quite low, so every member of the race was held in very high regard. Thankfully, Spirit beings who managed to attain intelligence would immediately attain significant power as well, so even the weakest intelligent Spirit beings were at the Core Formation Stage or Nascent Soul Stage; this was how they had managed to coexist alongside the neighboring foreign races.

This Ancestral Cloud Mountain was quite a renowned Spirit Race settlement, and these three Holy Spirits were the settlement's grand elders.

A few days ago, they had to go out to do something, and when they returned, they immediately discovered that all of their brethren in the entire settlement had been slaughtered, and their essence had all been devoured as well. On top of that, the perpetrator had lingered here even after committing such a heinous deed; how could the three Holy Spirits not be enraged?

The golden-robed young man's aura didn't appear to be all that powerful, but the three Holy Spirits were completely unable to ascertain his exact cultivation base. This made them quite uneasy, and they were forced to repress their fury rather than attack him right away.

"Hmph, to think mere spirit servants like you dare to speak to me in such a rude manner. They should be honored to have their essence absorbed by me. I can see that the three of you are far more powerful than the other spirit servants; if you're willing to accept me as your master, I can spare your lives," the

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