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The object was shimmering with golden light, and it seemed to be a bone from an unknown giant beast.

Even though it was only an incomplete bone, it immediately released a primordial aura as soon as it was revealed, and even though Yue Liantian was already prepared, he still hurriedly took several steps backward in a cautious manner.

Everyone else in the venue let loose cries of alarm in the face of this powerful aura, and some were even forced to release layers of protective devilish light.

"How could a mere bone possibly possess such a fearsome aura?"

"Could this be a bone from the few types of legendary ancient beasts?"

"That's impossible! Even the bones of those ancient beasts wouldn't possess such an astonishing aura!"

"Brother Yue, please tell us what that thing is!"

Everyone erupted into a frenzy once again as they stared at the giant bone with shocked expressions.

"Hehe, all in due time, Fellow Daoist; this is an auction item, so I'll naturally introduce its origins to everyone. Seeing as there are clearly many fellow daoists who are interested in it, I won't delay any further; this isn't the bone of some ancient beast; it's the bone of a true spirit," Yue Liantian said with a smile.

"The bone of a true spirit? Wouldn't that make it a priceless treasure?"

"That's impossible! Even the Sacred Ancestors would be fighting over a treasure of this caliber; how did it end up here?"

The stir that had been created on this occasion clearly even the reaction to the holy brick, and most of the devilish beings present were very skeptical.

Han Li's expression also changed slightly upon hearing this, and he immediately focused his gaze on that giant green bone.

All of a sudden, he detected a slightly familiar sweet and fragrant scent from within that primordial aura, and it seemed to be similar to the aroma of some medicines. However, the medicinal aroma was extremely faint, and he wouldn't have been able to detect it had it not been for his regular contact with all types of spirit medicines.

At the same time, an urgent and elated cry rang out in Han Li's spiritual sense. "Master, I can sense that that bone will be extremely beneficial to me. If possible, please purchase it for me."

This was none other than Qu'er's tender voice, and it was even trembling slightly from excitement.

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this, but offered no response. Instead, he released a wisp of spiritual sense toward the giant bone, upon which a hint of bewilderment appeared in his eyes.

At this moment, Yue Liantian continued, "This bone isn't from this realm. Instead, it was swept into this realm through a certain spatial rift. It is indeed a bone from a true spirit being, but due to its age, we've already verified that it no longer contains any true essence or spirit marrow. As such, not only are we unable to ascertain which type of true spirit this bone once belonged to, its true spirit aura has als

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