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As a true immortal, the giant humanoid figure was naturally aware of just how powerful this Celestial Crystal Pagoda was. In this dire situation, he immediately bit through the tip of his own tongue and expelled several mouthfuls of blood essence.

As soon as this blood essence emerged, it transformed into a burst of scorching crimson flames, which then took on the form of several crimson flaming pythons, each of which was over 100 feet in length, and they all pounced viciously toward the pagoda in unison.

The true immortal knew that if he could use these fiery pythons to keep the pagoda at bay for a short while, the Blooddrop Poria Flower would be able to recover from its frozen state and unleash its full power.

Once the flower exploded, even the Celestial Crystal Pagoda wouldn't be able to contain the explosion.

However, his actions were predicted by the white-robed elderly man in advance. A cold chuckle rang out from within the pagoda, following which the blue bead embedded on its tip suddenly revolved on its own, then released several blue streaks of light that were around as thick as a human thumb.

These streaks of light struck the flaming pythons like lightning, and the pythons were instantly reduced to plumes of smoke.

The true immortal's expression changed drastically upon seeing this, and he immediately tried to unleash another ability, but it was already too late.

The massive translucent pagoda completely descended amid a vast expanse of glacial light, crushing the true immortal and the giant crimson flower beneath it.

Immediately thereafter, countless golden runes surged forth in a frenzy from all levels of the pagoda, creating a spectacular sight to behold.

At the same time, the top half of the white-robed elderly man's body emerged from the top of the pagoda, and he immediately yelled, "What are you waiting for? Use the Devil Trapping Formation to help me seal him!"

These words were naturally being directed toward the eight Holy Spirits, who were still rooted to the spot.

The eight Holy Spirits were naturally ecstatic to see that the giant crimson flower's explosion had been restricted by the glacial pagoda, and they immediately flew back to their original spots upon hearing the white-robed elderly man's instructions.

Thus, the eight Holy Spirits gathered around the formation again before raising the formation plates in their hands.

A flurry of runes immediately surged out of the formation, solidifying the runed chains that were starting to appear rather feeble. In conjunction with the runes flooding out of the glacial pagoda, a massive net was formed to encompass everything down below.

At the same time, the pagoda itself began to expand drastically amid a loud buzzing sound. Layers of translucent glacial ice then began to rapidly form over the surface of the pagoda, and the formation down below was also buzzing loudly, as if to resonate with the glacial pagoda.

Within the

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