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The condensed taichi diagram revolved in mid-air before crashing down toward Xue Guang as countless layers of projections, and Xue Guang felt the air tighten around himself as countless bursts of enormous force came compressing toward him from all sides, stopping him cold in his tracks.

The tremendous force then formed a massive vortex that swept up both Xue Guang and the massive skeleton beneath him, threatening to tear them both into countless pieces.

"This is a Profound Heavenly Holy Artifact!" Xue Guang exclaimed as he hurriedly tossed the large black seal in his hand upward. The seal immediately swelled to the size of a pavilion, then released countless streaks of black light that hurtled directly toward the taichi diagram.

The taichi diagram tremored slightly as a resounding boom rang out, but it was able to repel the huge seal without much difficulty.

However, Xue Guang didn't seem to depend on the seal to break the restriction, and he quickly twisted around before vanishing into the crimson skeleton down below. In the next instant, the three heads of the skeleton opened their mouths to expel three items, consisting of a black talisman, a purple jade pendant, and a crimson ball of light.

The three items then exploded in unison, transforming into a plume of black devilish Qi, a ball of purple light, and a swathe of thin crimson threads, all of which plunged into the crimson skeleton's body.

Devilish patterns of three different colors immediately appeared all over the surface of the skeleton's body, and it let loose a roar of pain as its body swelled to around twice its original size, allowing it to just barely struggle free of the restrictive force around it.

It then brought its six weapons together to create a giant scimitar, and green light flashed in its six eyes as it lashed out viciously toward the taichi diagram with the massive scimitar.

A saber projection that was over 1,000 feet in length immediately swept toward the taichi diagram in a flash, and the diagram was sliced in half in a completely silent manner.

The surrounding restrictive force was instantly significantly alleviated, and Xue Guang was ecstatic as he prepared to flee into the distance again.

However, right at this moment, both the white-robed elderly man and Buddhist Monk Jin Yue opened their mouths in unison to expel a ball of blood essence each, which transformed into two clouds of blood mist that vanished into thin air.

At the same time, several unfamiliar auras arose from within the taichi diagram that had just been sliced in half, and it instantly regenerated to its original condition before rapidly rotating on the spot again.

At this point, the giant crimson skeleton had only just risen less than 200 feet into the air when it was struck by a renewed burst of tremendous force that sent it crashing down onto the ground again.

Xue Guang was naturally furious to see this, and the crimson skeleton swung its devilis

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