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Around five to six days later, the giant ark finally flew out of the plains, and a vast mountain range appeared up ahead, comprised of a series of dark green mountains that stretched as far as the eyes could see.

The giant ark flew into the mountain range, then vanished into the distance after just a few flashes.

Around a month later, a giant city that had been constructed from a yellow stone material appeared in the distance within a basin. The city spanned an area of close to 1,000 kilometers, and half of it had been constructed next to a mountain, while the other half was surrounded by city walls that were over 1,000 feet tall.

The entire city was enshrouded under a yellow light barrier, clearly indicating the presence of a profound super restriction.

Han Li stood at the front of the flying ark and appraised the city in the distance with a contemplative expression.

"This is Illusion Night City, Brother Han. It can't compare with the super cities of our holy realm, but it's quite a large city considering the secluded geographic location. There are over 10 devilish lords in the city, and our Bai Family is one of the city's four major families. Regardless of whether you want to purchase something or if you encounter some trouble, you should be able to get a favorable outcome by revealing your ties with our Bai Family," Bai Yunxin said with a smile.

"Thank you, Fairy Bai; I really was planning to purchase some things in the city," Han Li also replied with a smile.

"You're all by yourself anyway, so why don't you stay in our Bai Family's guest pavilion, Brother Han? With your cultivation base, I'm sure the seniors of our family wouldn't object," Bai Yunxin proposed.

"Have you still not given up on recruiting me to your Bai Family?" Han Li chuckled upon hearing this.

"You've already reached the pinnacle of the late-Spatial Tempering Stage, and judging from how easily you were able to slay those devilish bats, you must be extremely close to progressing to the Body Integration Stage. A vagrant cultivator of your powers would be eagerly sought after by any major power, and our Bai Family is certainly no exception," Bai Yunxin replied with a completely unabashed smile.

"Unfortunately, I'll have to turn you down again. I have no intention of submitting to any power. I'm currently facing a major bottleneck, and I need to travel for some time for a chance to become a devilish lord. As such, I won't be joining any power for the next few centuries. However, I can promise you that if I do consider joining a certain power in the future, I'll definitely prioritize your Bai Family in my consideration," Han Li replied.

"I'll hold you to your word then, Brother Han. The doors of our Bai Family will always be open to you. As for your meeting with Senior Futian, I'll get that arranged once we get back. Seeing as you saved our lives in the plains, there should be no issues arranging the meeting," Bai Yunxin sighed in a sl

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