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This flying sword was a treasure that Han Li had obtained from one of the devilish lords he had slain in the Spirit Realm.

The blue-skinned devilish being accepted the flying sword before sweeping his spiritual sense over it, upon which an elated look immediately appeared on his face. "Thank you, Senior! I exchanged for this piece of Foreign Devilish Metal from someone else, and it seemed to have changed hands several times already before that, so I'm afraid I don't know where it originally came from."

He had been asking for too lofty a price when he had requested a top-grade devilish treasure from that Bird Hoof being, so he was naturally ecstatic that he had actually obtained what he had asked for.

For a Deity Transformation Stage being like him, a top-grade treasure was very difficult to come by.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he said, "I see. In any case, this piece of Foreign Devilish Metal should be enough for me anyway."

After that, he turned to leave. The blue-skinned devil had intended to try and curry some favor with Han Li, but he didn't dare to say anything further and could only make a respectful farewell gesture.

After finding that piece of Foreign Devilish Metal, Han Li naturally no longer had any intention of leaving right away.

During the next four hours, he carefully examined everything on the remaining stalls on this street, and he really did manage to find two types of spirit medicines that couldn't be found in the Spirit Realm, with which he could refine a type of pill that could calm his heart and mind.

When consumed while cultivating an ability, the pill could slightly improve the rate of progress made during cultivation, so in the long term, it would be very useful to him.

Han Li already possessed the recipe for the pill, and the only thing that was stopping him from refining it were those two types of spirit medicines that were extinct in the Spirit Realm.

After that, Han Li left the street and went to some nearby large shops in high spirits.

Unfortunately, almost all of the items sold in these shops were meant for devilish beings, and he didn't discover anything else of value.

At this point, it was already getting rather late, and the number of people on the streets was beginning to dwindle, while the shops were closing one after another for the night.

Han Li rented an independent secret chamber at an inn and stayed there for now.

He set up several layers of restrictions in the secret chamber, and only then did he bring out that piece of Foreign Devilish Metal before appraising it in silence.

The piece of metal was gleaming with a metallic light, but its surface was extremely bumpy and uneven.

Strangely enough, not only was this object releasing dense devilish Qi, the devilish Qi was also interspersed with wisps of spiritual Qi.

This was a rare material that contained both spiritual Qi and devilish Qi.

However, Han Li hadn't just bought this p

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