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Throughout this entire process, Han Li had remained completely undetected.

Meanwhile, Han Li was very intrigued by the two figures up ahead. He was able to disregard the restrictions on the city wall with his immense powers, but those two were clearly far less powerful than he was, yet they were still able to pass through the restrictions with ease.

This indicated that they either possess some type of special treasures, or they were important figures in the city that could grant themselves passage through the restrictions.

Thus, Han Li continued to follow the two streaks of light, all the way to a vast expanse of rugged rocks close to 10,000 feet away from the city.

All of a sudden, the streak of green light descended onto the rocks down below, and the streak of grey light immediately followed suit.

The grey light faded to reveal a grey-robed elderly man, who immediately inspected his surroundings with a menacing expression.

"Hmm? Isn't that the Blood Crow City Lord?"

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes as he appraised the elderly man from above.

The Blood Crow City Lord naturally failed to discover the concealed Han Li, and he harrumphed coldly before flipping a hand over to produce a small black umbrella, which he tossed up into the air while chanting an incantation.

The small umbrella immediately swelled to around 10 feet in size and hovered in mid-air while releasing a vast expanse of black light, which encompassed an area of several acres down below.

A muffled thump rang out from a giant rock several hundred feet away from the elderly man, and a faint blue humanoid stumbled out into the open.

This was a mundane-looking blue-robed middle-aged man who wore a completely calm expression, seemingly having already anticipated that he was going to be exposed.

Han Li cast his gaze toward the middle-aged man and discovered that this was none other than Old Man Yang, who had secured the holy brick during the auction.

As soon as he was forced to reveal himself, the Blood Crow City Lord let loose a low cry before sweeping a hand through the air.

A streak of crimson light that was over 100 feet long swept forth in a flash, slicing the giant rock in front of Old Man Yang in half amid a resounding boom.

However, Old Man Yang instantly vanished, and the streak of crimson light missed its target as a result.

A massive trench that was over 100 feet in length was immediately sliced into the ground.

Old Man Yang then reappeared some distance away from the trench with his arms crossed, and he chuckled with a mocking sneer, "Hehe, are you really planning to kill me over something like this, Fellow Daoist Bing?"

He seemed to be completely fearless in the face of the Body Integration Stage Blood Crow City Lord.

"You've succeeded in luring me out of the city; if you have any allies, then feel free to call for them," the Blood Crow City Lord said with a cold look in his eyes.

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