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Han Li cast his gaze throughout the surrounding area to find that they were still situated above the boundless ocean, and there wasn't anything of note to see nearby.

"We're about four or five days away from our destination. The node isn't very large, but it's situated in a secluded corner of the Xuan Wu Region, where the most bloodthirsty faction of the devilish army, the Violent Devil Race, is situated. These Violent Devils are extremely ruthless, and this place is far more chaotic than anywhere else in the entire Xuan Wu Region, so we'll have to proceed with caution," the Long Family Patriarch said in a solemn manner.

"If we had chosen a devilish node near Deep Heaven City, we would've been able to minimize the risk involved," the young woman from the Ye Family sighed in a forlorn manner.

"None of the spatial nodes near Deep Heaven City are suitable; I've already sent out scouts who have confirmed that only through this node can we directly reach the Bloodstone Mountain Range of the Elder Devil Realm. The Bloodstone Mountain Range is an extremely barren place, so we shouldn't encounter any danger there. Otherwise, if we enter the Elder Devil Realm through another node, we either run the risk of facing powerful enemies right away, or ending up too far away from our destination, thereby requiring a journey that's longer than necessary," the Long Family patriarch replied with a shake of his head.

The young woman chuckled, "I was just articulating a wishful thought; I have full trust in the arrangements you've made, Brother Long."

The Long Family patriarch merely smiled and remained silent.

At this moment, Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns approached the Long Family patriarch, and the two of them had a brief discussion before setting off with everyone else.

During the next four days, Han Li and the others encountered a few groups of patrolling devilish guards, ranging from around a dozen guards to over 100.

In contrast with the devilish beings that had appeared near Deep Heaven City, these devilish guards were noticeably taller, and they were wearing suits of devilish armor that were inscribed with blue devilish runes.

Of course, it would've been a simple matter for Han Li's group to kill these devilish guards, but they merely concealed themselves and flew over the guards without alerting them.

Even the most powerful beings among these devilish guards were only at the Deity Transformation Stage, so there was naturally no way they could sense a group of Body Integration Stage beings.

During the evening of the fourth day, a series of black spots suddenly appeared over the distant ocean, and after flying a bit closer, these dots were revealed to be a cluster of coral islands of different sizes.

The smallest of these islands were only several kilometers in size, while the largest were close to 100 kilometers, and the Long Family patriarch stopped before turning to Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns. "Fellow Daois

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