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Bing Qianren only had a chance to scream a few more times before his body was completely devoured by the Gold Devouring Beetles, leaving only a Nascent Soul that was enshrouded within crimson light, holding on for dear life by frantically controlling eight black badges.

The only reason it hadn't already perished was because Han Li had instructed the Gold Devouring Beetles to hold back.

The Nascent Soul was completely petrified and began to beg for mercy, but Han Li completely ignored it and waved a hand through the air to draw a crimson bracelet into his grasp from afar.

This was none other than Bing Qianren's storage bracelet.

Han Li injected his spiritual sense into the bracelet, upon which his brows furrowed slightly. There were indeed treasures in there, but no sign of the three holy bricks.

"Fellow Daoist, I'll give you the holy bricks if you release me!" Bing Qianren's Nascent Soul yelled in desperation.

"You don't think I can find the three holy bricks myself?" Han Li chuckled coldly as he turned toward the Nascent Soul with blue light flashing through his eyes.

As soon as his voice rang out, the Gold Devouring Beetles immediately sprang into action again and converged toward the Nascent Soul.

The eight black badges were indeed quite profound, but they were no match for the mature Gold Devouring Beetles and were instantly destroyed.

The Nascent Soul was then devoured amid an anguished cry, and when the beetles flew back again, three long translucent bricks were revealed.

"So he was hiding these holy bricks in his Nascent Soul. If I hadn't used my spirit eyes to examine the Nascent Soul, I would've been fooled by him," Han Li murmured to himself as a faint smile appeared on his face.

He then swept a sleeve through the air to release a burst of azure light that carried the three bricks back to him.

Not only did the four holy bricks contain all of the cultivation arts used by a Sacred Ancestor, they also contained the map to a set of secret treasures, so he naturally wasn't going to pass up on them.

At this moment, a burst of explosions suddenly rang out behind him, and they were growing louder and louder.

Han Li's expression changed slightly as he turned around, upon which he was greeted by the sight of Old Man Yang and Devilish Lord Jin Hu battling a giant purple cauldron several hundred feet away.

The cauldron had released several massive runes, which were, in turn, releasing countless golden and silver runes, and layers of purple light had completely surrounded the two devilish lords.

The cauldron was none other than the Purple Word Cauldron, and Han Li had released it while taking care of Bing Qianren.

Old Man Yang and Devilish Lord Jin Hu had tried to escape during Han Li's battle with Bing Qianren, but they were trapped by the Purple Word Cauldron.

The two of them struggled with all their might, with one of them releasing powerful green fiery wyrms, while the oth

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