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"Oh? Would you be able to explain the situation to us, Brother Yue?" a devilish being who was enshrouded in black Qi asked.

This devilish being was also at the late-Spatial Tempering Stage, and he seemed to possess a status that was even loftier than that of Yue Liantian.

All of the other devilish beings immediately fell silent upon hearing this, and Yue Liantian cupped his fist toward the devilish being in a salute as he replied, "Of course, Brother Jin Jiao. The holy brick has appeared in our city as the owner didn't want to create too much of a stir and draw trouble to himself, and the holy brick is actually flawed. The two cultivation arts contained within it are both missing critical mantras, and neither of them was the main ability cultivated by Master Qi Ling. Otherwise, such an item certainly wouldn't be making an appearance in this auction."

"I see. With Master Qi Ling's unfathomable powers, even a pair of incomplete cultivation arts used by him would be extremely valuable for study and reference. As such, its value does indeed surpass that of the Dark Blood Five-colored Bells," Jin Jiao replied in an enlightened manner.

Not only were the other devilish beings present not disappointed to hear this, the greed in their eyes only became more pronounced.

The fact that this item was flawed only made its authenticity more plausible.

"Would you be able to reveal the names of the two cultivation arts to us, Fellow Daoist Yue? That'll help us decide whether the cultivation arts will be useful to us." A sharp voice rang out in the venue, but a secret technique had been used to make it impossible to pinpoint who had spoken.

"I'm afraid not. When the owner of this holy brick brought it to our auction house, he had raised the condition that the cultivation arts contained within the holy brick can't be revealed in advance. Alright, I've said everything that I can say about this item; let the bidding begin!" Yue Liantian announced in a decisive manner.

"I'm taking this holy brick for 40,000,000 devil stones!" A thunderous voice rang out from one corner of the venue, and it belonged to a massive menacing devilish man who was around 30 feet tall.

"You think you can take a treasure of this caliber for 40,000,000? Isn't that a little too delusional, Brother Shi? I'm offering 50,000,000!" a horned devilish man with a heavy beard chuckled coldly in response.

"60,000,000!" Jin Jiao upped the price without any hesitation.



Other bids also came flying in from other corners of the hall, and the wealthiest high-grade devilish beings present were all participating in the bidding.

Han Li was naturally interested in the cultivation arts left behind by a Grand Ascension Stage being, but unfortunately, they had been left behind by a Sacred Ancestor and were incomplete. Otherwise, he would perhaps be inclined to go after it.


A frosty voice rang out, and at the sam

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