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The giant golden figure harrumphed coldly, "Hmph, you sure dare to dream! If you dared to try this in the True Immortal Realm, you'd be committing a cardinal transgression that would lead to your entire race being wiped out by immortal enforcers!"

"Hehe, but this isn't the True Immortal Realm. No matter how powerful the immortal enforcers are, they won't be able to detect anything that's happening in a lower realm as long as it doesn't affect the True Immortal Realm. After I consume the Immortal Soul Pill refined from your soul, I'll be able to advance even further in my cultivation base and take our Spirit Race to unprecedented heights! Besides, this is the only way to truly kill the soul of an immortal, so I have no other choice," the elderly voice replied in an implacable manner.

As opposed to being enraged upon hearing this, the giant humanoid figure suddenly burst into laughter. "To think that I would be reduced to such a sorry state by mere spirit servants. At the height of my powers, I would've erased a Grand Ascension Stage being like you in the blink of an eye! Let me see how you're going to seal my soul!"

Immediately thereafter, he swept his arms violently upward and cast around a dozen incantation seals in rapid succession, all of which vanished into the Spirit Capturing Heavenly Net up above.

The aura of the net was immediately bolstered by over twofold, and it swept upward with tremendous force, causing the giant silver bead to rise up by over 100 feet.

The eight Holy Spirits who were maintaining the formation were all very alarmed to see this, and they immediately injected even more magic power into the formation plates they were holding.

Piercing light erupted out from the formation plate, following which a buzzing sound rang out from within the formation. The surrounding runes surged before forming several more thick runed chains that swept toward the massive humanoid figure, but it was too late.

After forcing the giant silver bead upward, the huge humanoid figure's stagnant magic power suddenly recovered for a split second, and that was enough for him to unleash a life-saving ability.

He let loose a low roar, and the dozen or so devilish projections behind him exploded before vanishing into his body as bursts of crimson mist.

His body had been slightly blurry and indistinct before, but it instantly became a lot clearer, and his suit of golden armor shattered to reveal the bronze-colored skin of his upper body.

On his chest was the image of an extremely life-like golden flower, and as soon as the image appeared, the humanoid figure began to rapidly chant an ancient incantation that had never been uttered in the Spirit Realm.

The golden flower image shuddered slightly before turning as red as blood, and a bloody gorey scent wafted forth, following which the flower emerged slowly from his chest as if it had actual substance.

"That's a Blooddrop Poria Flower! You no longer possess a p

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