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However, at this point, he had expended most of his magic power, and his combat prowess was now pitifully weak. As such, he had no choice but to summon a yellow futon and immediately sat down onto it to meditate and recuperate.

The pills that he had taken earlier had ensured that he didn't self-detonate, but there was naturally no way that he could've absorbed all of them in such a short time, so there was an extremely fearsome burst of medicinal power gathered within his body. If he couldn't repress this medicinal power in time, then the consequences would be catastrophic.

Thankfully, there was a spatial restriction around him, and the Leopard Kirin Beast was also present, so he didn't have to worry about being disrupted.

A short while later, a layer of golden light appeared over Han Li's body, and he suddenly made a hand seal before pointing a finger toward his own chest several times in rapid succession.

A dozen or so hair-thin silver threads shot forth before vanishing into his body in a flash, sealing off some vital parts of his meridians. He then swept sleeve through the air to release a dozen or so talismans of different colors, which also flew directly toward his body.

These talismans exploded into balls of flames amid a string of dull thumps, then transformed into several large runes that vanished into his body in a flash.

Han Li gave a muffled groan as golden light swept over his face, and his aura swelled slightly before immediately returning to a stable condition.

Moments later, he exhaled and finally opened his eyes. "I've managed to repress everything for now; I wonder how things are going on the other end," Han Li murmured to himself as he rose to his feet, then cast his gaze toward a certain direction.

Buddhist Monk Jin Yue and the white-robed elderly man were most likely still locked in battle against the Xue Guang clone.

Just as Han Li was thinking about what he was going to do next, the space in the distance suddenly tremored violently, following which an earth-shattering boom erupted.

The surrounding light barrier was instantly shattered, and the entire spatial formation was destroyed.

The 36 male cultivators stumbled out of thin air, and all of them had been dealt heavy blows from the backlash of having the formation destroyed.

Han Li's expression changed slightly as he focused his gaze toward that direction, upon which he was greeted by the sight of a massive crimson skeleton that was wreaking havoc with reckless abandon.

The skeleton was over 1,000 feet tall, and had three heads and six arms, wielding six different heavy black weapons.

The six devilish weapons were swung through the air in unison, sweeping up gusts of fierce devilish winds.

At the top of the skeletons center head stood the Xue Guang, who was carrying a huge black seal with one hand. His eyes were tightly shut, and it seemed that he was dedicating all of his efforts to controlling the skeleton ben

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