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The scene unfolding before his eyes made him recall the markets he had visited in the human world and Spirit Realm.

Most of the wares being sold by the stalls were only low-grade materials and treasures, but there were some precious items among them. The more precious items were obviously quite rare as not all devilish beings were willing to sell their items to these streetside vendors at low prices.

However, this was a special period of time during which many devilish beings were forced to remain in Blood Crow City, so there definitely had to be many of them who were looking to take advantage of this opportunity to sell some of the precious items in their collection.

Han Li strolled along the street while rapidly sweeping his spiritual sense over the stalls on either side of him.

Many of the wares being sold were similar to items that could be found in the Spirit Realm, except they contained devilish Qi as opposed to spiritual Qi. Of course, there were some materials that were imbued with spiritual Qi as well, but there were clearly far less of those than the ones that contained devilish Qi.

Han Li didn't pay any heed to these materials, choosing to focus most of his attention on the peculiar items that he had never seen before instead. Those were most likely things that could only be found in the Elder Devil Realm.

As for the treasures being sold, those were quickly glossed over by his spiritual sense as well. With his current wealth of treasures, the average top-grade treasure was simply no longer attractive to him.

As for spirit treasures, the chances of finding such treasures in a place like this was virtually negligible, so Han Li certainly wasn't going to be holding his breath.

The street wasn't very long, and there were only around 200 to 300 stalls on either side of it.

After just a short while, he had scanned his spiritual sense over most of the stalls, and barely anything had caught his attention. There were a few items that he examined in person, but he merely set them back down with a shake of his head in the end.

The devilish beings standing behind the stalls were all extremely menacing in appearance, but they immediately offered respectful smiles upon sensing Han Li's Spatial Tempering Stage cultivation base, not daring to display any sign of discontent.

Han Li slowly walked onward, and he was becoming more and more disappointed.

He had discovered several types of materials that didn't exist in the Spirit Realm, but for a being of his caliber, none of them were all that useful. Just as he was contemplating whether he should leave this street and visit the large shops nearby, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from a certain stall, and an enraged roar rang out at the same time.

"I'm taking it whether you like it or not! Here are the devil stones you asked for; hurry up and hand it over!"

"I already told you that I've raised the price. Unless you can offer me a top-grade devilis

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