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"Is that so? This is the first time I've heard that," Han Li replied as his expression changed slightly.

"It's no surprise that you're unaware of something like this; aside from the old monsters on the holy island, there are definitely less than 20 people who are aware of this. These include the three sovereigns, the Long Family patriarch, and myself," the woman replied with a smile.

"Why are you telling me this?" Han Li asked with a curious look in his eyes.

The woman paused momentarily before replying, "Seeing as you've appeared here, I'm sure you already know that the three devilish patriarchs are going to descend into our Spirit Realm. Have you thought about how you're going to protect your disciples and descendants if our two races were to be defeated by the devilish army?"

"Hehe, I only have a few disciples, and I haven't set up any sect or power, nor do I have descendants to worry about," Han Li chuckled in response.

"Oh? Then why is it that I've heard that your disciples have taken many disciples for themselves?" the woman asked in a slightly surprised manner.

"That's just a sect founded by my disciples; I've never had any direct connection to it. Whether the sect survives or falls will be decided by their fortune," Han Li replied with a smile.

The woman faltered momentarily upon hearing this before a smile returned to her face. "In that case, it seems that I was too nosy."

"Are you really that pessimistic about our chances against the devilish army? The devilish patriarchs are indeed extremely fearsome, but if the Grand Ascension Stage beings of our races were to join forces, we would certainly stand a chance. Besides, the three devilish patriarchs have resounding reputations, but who's actually seen them in action? Perhaps their abilities have been greatly exaggerated," Han Li said.

"I don't think that our races have no chance at all, but the three devilish patriarchs are definitely far more fearsome than the average Sacred Ancestor," the woman replied as a concerned look appeared on her face.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged, but his heart stirred slightly as he said, "Oh? It sounds like you know something about them, Fairy Ye."

The woman paused momentarily before asking, "Come to think of you, you've saved my granddaughter's life in the past and have some ties with our Ye Family, so I'll disclose this to you. How much do you know about the ancestors of our Ye Family, Brother Han?"

"I've only heard that your Ye Family is a true spirit family with a history that stretches back to ancient times; I don't know much more aside from that," Han Li replied.

"There have been several ancestors of our Ye Family who have managed to reach the Grand Ascension Stage, and through a stroke of immense fortune, one of them was able to stimulate her true spirit bloodline to its maximum potential. As a result, she attained incredible powers and snuck into the Elder Devil Realm on several occasions

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