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"In that case, I'll take you to the other level to examine the puppets," the middle-aged man immediately replied in an obedient manner.

After that, he made his way out of the room, then waved his metal badge to close the gate before walking over to the teleportation formation through which they had come from.

Han Li followed along in an expressionless manner, yet just as they were about to step onto the formation, a burst of buzzing rang out, following which several humanoid figures emerged amid a flash of white light.

The middle-aged man’s expression faltered slightly upon seeing this, and he peered into the formation, upon which his expression immediately darkened slightly.

The people that had just appeared in the formation were comprised of four black-armored devilish guards, a brocade-robed elderly man, and a blue-robed young woman.

The elderly man was at the Deity Transformation Stage, while the young woman was at the Core Formation Stage and was quite a beauty.

However, she had a layer of black devilish patterns all over her body to restrict her cultivation base, clearly indicating that she was a newly arrived slave.

Han Li reflexively swept his spiritual sense toward the young woman, upon which his pupils abruptly contracted with incredulity.

The elderly man's expression also darkened at the sight of the middle-aged man, following which he greeted with a fake smile, "Greetings, Shopkeeper Fang; have you brought this guest here to pick out some slaves? If none of them were to his liking, I have some new slaves that may be of interest to him."

"There's no need for that. Senior Han is more interested in the Devil Crystal Puppets, so you can keep your slaves to yourself, Shopkeeper Huang," the middle-aged replied in a cold voice, and they were clearly not on good terms.

The elderly man's expression changed slightly upon hearing this before he turned to Han Li with a respectful salute. "Forgive me for my rudeness, Senior Han. If you're interested in the puppets, I have some exceptional ones that I can show you."

"What are you trying to do, Shopkeeper Huang? I'm serving Senior Han, and I have more than enough Devil Crystal Puppets in my collection for Senior Han to choose from, so you should focus on what you're doing. Take this new slave of yours, and... Hmm? This slave has no trace of devilish Qi in her body! She's not from our holy realm!" the middle-aged man exclaimed as he turned his attention to the young woman.

"Hehe, have you only just figured that out? This woman is no ordinary slave, and I expended a lot of effort to acquire her. Setting that aside for now, I've seen the Devil Crystal Puppets in your possession. They may be enough to fool some Nascent Soul Stage beings, but they would surely be an insult to Senior Han's eyes," Shopkeeper Huang chuckled.

"How dare you..."

The middle-aged man immediately flared up with rage, only for Han Li to suddenly raise a hand and interject,

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