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A faint chuckle rang out, and the golden hand suddenly swelled to around 10 feet in size, then released a ball of piercing spiritual light alongside a burst of powerful shockwaves that swept forth in all directions.

The black ghostly heads and oncoming sword projection were all swept out of control by the shockwaves, and the two devils were very alarmed to see this as they hurriedly made hand seals to recover their treasures.

However, the spiritual pressure imbued within the golden shockwaves was far more powerful than they had imagined, and it forcibly severed their connections with the two treasures. As such, they could only look on as the giant golden hand unleashed a dozen or so golden fist projections that instantly struck the treasures.

A string of resounding booms rang out, and the two devils shuddered as they each took an involuntary step backward and threw up a mouthful of blood.

The ghostly heads and golden light had been damaged by the ordinary-looking fist projections, and the two devils were also affected due to their spiritual connections with the treasures.

Thankfully, those weren't their bonded treasures, so they didn't sustain any major injuries. Even so, the two of them were extremely stunned, and they hurriedly backtracked as they scrutinized the giant golden hand with wary expressions.

As for Bing Qianren, he was also quite alarmed by this development, but he wasn't overly concerned as this entire place had already been surrounded by his Seven Kill Blood Baleful Qi and Blackbone Devilish Insects.

At this moment, the giant golden hand dissipated, revealing the azure-robed Han Li, who was holding the holy brick in a calm manner.

"Who are you, and why are you robbing me of this holy brick?" Old Man Yang asked with a dark expression.

Their earlier clash had told him just how fearsome Han Li was, so he could only repress his own fury.

"You've already decided to part with this item, so why can't I take it? By the way, you have the other holy bricks, right, Fellow Daoist Bing? You can hand them over as well," Han Li said as he turned to Bing Qianren.

Bing Qianren jolted upon discovering his inability to ascertain Han Li's exact cultivation base, but he refused to concede. "You sure are a courageous man; not only are you taking this holy brick from right under my nose, you're even going after the holy bricks in my possession now; looks like you heard our entire conversation. Indeed, I have the other holy bricks; come and get them if you think you can."

With the Seven Kill Blood Baleful Qi and Blackbone Devilish Insects at his disposal, even late-stage devilish lords would have to flee from him, so he naturally wasn't going to fear this unfamiliar young man.

"Alright, in that case, don't mind if I do," Han Li chuckled before making a stride toward Bing Qianren.

It seemed to only be an ordinary stride, but in the next instant, Han Li had covered a distance of several hundred feet

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