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Loud Buddhist chants rang out as countless silver runes surged out of the net in a frenzy, forming a massive starry projection in an instant before plummeting straight down from above.

A rumbling boom erupted as everything within a radius of close to 10 kilometers was inundated by piercing silver light.

The world's origin Qi in the surrounding area instantly became extremely violent, and grey tornadoes were swept up without any warning, destroying everything in their wake.

The occasional earth-shattering boom rang out within the giant silver net, the dazzling silver light made it impossible to see what was happening inside.

The golden-robed young man controlled the entire giant net with one hand while his other hand was clasped behind his back in a nonchalant manner, seemingly completely unconcerned that the three Holy Spirits would escape.

Only after around 10 minutes had passed did the commotion taking place within the silver net gradually die down, and in the end, everything fell silent. The golden-robed young man swept his spiritual sense downward, upon which a cold smile appeared on his face, and he made a grabbing motion toward the giant net.

The massive silver net instantly crumbled away at his behest, alongside the grey tornados and silver light. It was as if everything had been a mere illusion.

However, the huge mountain down below was clearly significantly shorter than before, and there were three glowing items hovering in the air above the rubble on the mountain summit.

These consisted of an antiquated silver mirror that was around 10 feet in size, a section of bamboo that was over 10 feet tall, and an azure ball of light.

A hint of elation appeared on the golden-robed young man's face upon seeing this, and he swept a sleeve downward to release a burst of silver light that drew the items to him in a flash.

"Not bad. After I refine these treasures, they'll be of some use to me," the golden-robed young man murmured to himself with a pleased expression as he carefully appraised the three items.

"However, this isn't going to be enough. If I can get a few more of these, then I'll be able to use more of my powers. Having said, it seems that there are Grand Ascension Stage beings in this Spirit Race, and they'll be quite troublesome for me to face in my current state," the young man mused after stowing the items away.

After pondering the situation for a while, he seemed to have arrived at a decision, and he flew away as a streak of dazzling golden light.

Thus, peace and quiet returned to the surrounding area. However, around an hour following the young man's departure, a ball of red light suddenly flew out from beneath the rubble down below amid a faint buzzing sound.

This was a fist-sized ball of light that contained a purple eyeball-like object, and it hovered in mid-air before turning toward the direction that the golden-robed young man had flown away in.

This was clearly a trea

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