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As soon as the blood rained down onto the burly man, it transformed into vibrant red patterns that spread all over his skin. As a result, it was as if the burly man had donned a crimson runed garment, which created quite a peculiar sight to behold.

The white-robed elderly man's expression darkened significantly upon seeing this, but the burly man paid no heed to him at all as he made an extremely arrogant provocative hand gesture toward Han Li.

Han Li knew that a battle was unavoidable, and he immediately turned to the pair of elders. "As we discussed just now, leave this devilish lord to me, but make sure you get that Xue Guang clone far away from here; I don't want any other unforeseeable factors to affect my battle."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he vanished into thin air without waiting for a reply from the two elders, then re-emerged amid a flash of azure light several hundred feet away from the burly man.

A ferocious light flashed through the burly man's eyes, and he swung his mace toward Han Li without any hesitation.

The green devilish flames on the mace swept forth as a wall of flames that was over 100 feet tall, hurtling directly toward Han Li with devastating might.

At the same time, the burly man clenched his other hand into a fist and also launched it toward Han Li from afar in what seemed to be a completely harmless and nonchalant manner.

Han Li's expression darkened upon seeing this, and the azure flying swords around him conjured up layers of azure light barriers that flew directly toward the wall of flames, and at the same time, he reached a fist out of one of his sleeves.

The fist was shimmering with golden light and looked as if it had been forged from gold, and there were faint golden runes surging all over it.

This was a clear indication that he was close to reaching full mastery in his Provenance True Devil Arts.

In the instant that the azure light barriers came into contact with the wall of flames, a string of erratic cracks and pops rang out, and azure light and green flames instantly exploded like exuberant fireworks.

All of a sudden, an earth-shattering boom rang out near the wall of flames and azure light barriers, and a gust of fierce green winds emerged alongside a golden fist projection without any warning.

The two clashed violently, sending devastating shockwaves proliferating outward in all directions, causing the entire heavens to tremor and quake.

Both Han Li and the burly man shuddered as they took several involuntary steps backward. As opposed to being alarmed by this, the excitement on the burly man's face only grew more pronounced, and he let loose a loud roar as he abruptly tossed his mace up into the air, then made a rapid string of hand seals before pointing a finger up at the weapon.

The devilish flames on the surface of the mace instantly reared up before transforming into eight green fiery wyrms that pounced directly toward Han Li. Each wyrm

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