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In the blink of an eye, close to half of the residents of Blood Crow City had fled.

"With so many devilish beings fleeing at once, they'll provide great cover for us and significantly minimize the risk that we'll have to incur. However, it's very strange that the Blood Crow City Lord still hasn't appeared. If he were present to oversee proceedings, the situation surely wouldn't be as chaotic as it currently is," the man from the Lin Family said with furrowed brows.

A contemplative look also appeared in the Long Family patriarch's eye upon hearing this.

As for Han Li, his expression remained completely unchanged and didn't betray anything.

After that, they didn't delay any longer and snuck out of the city along with a huge group of tens of thousands of devilish beings.

As soon as these devilish beings left the city, they split up into around a dozen smaller groups and began to flee toward the same direction.

It was clear that they were hoping to exploit potential holes in the ant tide.

These devilish beings all had different cultivation bases, so their speeds naturally varied as well, and with no one to lead them, they quickly scattered into a disorganized rabble that extended for several tens of kilometers.

The high-grade devilish beings at the front displayed no intention of slowing down and formed a group of their own.

The low-grade and mid-grade devilish beings could only trail far behind and look on helplessly as the high-grade devilish beings disappeared into the distance.

Han Li and the others didn't join those high-grade devilish beings. Instead, they flew along at a leisurely pace among the second group.

Around 15 minutes later, an explosive boom suddenly rang out up ahead, and a huge purple cloud of Devouring Devilish Ants emerged.

Within the cloud of ants, bursts of black Qi and lightning were rumbling incessantly, unleashed by none other than the high-grade devilish beings up ahead.

The cloud of ants was over 100 acres in size, but in the face of the devastating attacks unleashed by the high-grade devilish beings, devilish ants fell from the heavens in massive burning clumps, and in the blink of an eye, close to half of the cloud of ants had been destroyed.

The devilish beings further back let loose ecstatic cries upon seeing this and also joined on the attack.

As a result, this cloud of devilish ants was wiped out within the span of just a few breaths.

Many of the devilish beings were greatly encouraged by this, and they began to form the opinion that these devilish ants weren't actually as fearsome as they were rumored to be.

However, the more experienced devilish beings still wore grim expressions and immediately continued onward after a brief conversation with one another.

Right at this moment, the entire sky suddenly dimmed, and a layer of purple mist emerged without any warning before slowly descending from above.

This mist was formed by tens of million

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