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The words "Myriad Slave Tower" were emblazoned in large devilish text on the plaque, and it was the first time that Han Li had seen a place like this. Thus, after a brief hesitation, he made his way toward it with an intrigued expression.

Upon entering the pagoda, he found himself in a grandiose hall. On either side of the hall were around a dozen devilish young women in silver palatial dresses, welcoming guests with elegant smiles.

At the center of the hall was a row of intricate jade tables and chairs, and there was a black-robed middle-aged man who was serving three guests with a few of the devilish young women.

Before Han Li even had a chance to inspect his surroundings, the middle-aged man caught sight of him and immediately rushed over to him after extending an apology to the other three guests.

"Greetings, Senior; is there anything I can do for you?" the middle-aged man asked in a respectful manner.

He was a Deity Transformation Stage devilish being, so he naturally didn't dare to give a powerful Spatial Tempering Stage being like Han Li the cold shoulder.

"What kind of establishment is this Myriad Slave Tower? I've never seen such a place anywhere else," Han Li asked.

"This must be your first time visiting Illusion Night City. Indeed, our Myriad Slave Tower is very rare as it specializes in selling slaves and devilish beasts," the middle-aged replied.

"Slaves and devilish beasts?" Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

"Indeed. Those guests over there have come here to purchase some slaves; you can take a look as well if you're interested, Senior. As for devilish beasts, we only have some ordinary breeds, so you most likely wouldn't be interested in them," the middle-aged man introduced with a smile.

"In that case, I'll go take a look" Han Li replied with a nod.

"Great! Please come with me, Senior." The middle-aged man immediately gestured for one of the young women to bring the three other devilish beings over, then led them all to a simple teleportation formation at the corner of the pagoda.

The three guests were comprised of two handsome men and an elegant woman. They were only at the Nascent Soul Stage, but they were only appraising Han Li with curiosity rather than awe and veneration.

Han Li took a brief glance at them to find that a nondescript "Ning" character had been emblazoned on each of their sleeves.

Could they be from the Ning Family?

After everyone stepped onto the teleportation formation, the middle-aged man cast an incantation seal toward the edge of the formation, and they were all instantly teleported away.

In the next instant, they reappeared within a similar teleportation formation on a different level of the pagoda.

Han Li opened his eyes and immediately inspected his surroundings, upon which he discovered that there was a long and narrow bluestone passageway up ahead, situated between two stone walls with countless runes carved ont

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