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Han Li appraised the wisp of green Qi for a while before a burst of silver flames erupted out of the same fingertip to envelop it.

However, the green Qi remained completely unaffected by the silver flames regardless of how violently they burned.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and the silver flames instantly dissipated. He then flicked his finger, and the wisp of green Qi shot forth as a streak of green light, piercing through the light barriers on the opposing wall with ease.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this. He was only trying to flick the green Qi away, so he certainly didn't think that it would be this powerful.

All of a sudden, spatial fluctuations erupted, and the green streak of light shot forth directly toward Han Li.

Han Li was naturally rather taken aback by this development, but his response was very fast. Golden light flashed from his hand as he caught the oncoming streak of green light, but his expression immediately darkened upon opening his fingers, only to find that the green light was nowhere to be found.

The green light had completely disregarded his immensely powerful body and burrowed into his hand without any impediment.

Han Li immediately inspected his own internal condition using his spiritual sense, only to find that the wisp of green Qi was currently situated in his dantian in a completely calm and stable manner.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he swept up the green using an enormous burst of true essence, then forced it out of his body again.

On this occasion, the green Qi was only expelled several feet out of his body before shooting back in a flash.

The true essence enveloping it was unable to impede it in the slightest!

Han Li's heart jolted as he instantly conjured up a golden barrier of protective spiritual light, and at the same time, blue light flashed within his eyes as he stared intently at the oncoming streak of green light.

The green light pierced through his protective spiritual light as if it didn't even exist, then immediately returned to his dantian, leaving him completely bewildered.

After that, no matter how he tried to expel the green Qi, everything ended in failure, and he couldn't destroy or refine it, either.

The wisp of green Qi seemed to have identified his body as a home; regardless of how far away it was forced out or what kind of restriction was used on it, it would instantly disappear before returning to his body.

After failing to trap the green Qi even with the Purple Word Cauldron, Han Li's expression had become very strained.

It didn't seem like this green Qi was causing any harm to his body, but how could he rest knowing that there was a type of foreign energy residing in his body?

The fact that the green Qi was able to return to his body with unerring accuracy every single time indicated that it had somehow locked onto his soul. In that case, there was only one more thing that he could

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