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"Indeed, but to make sure that this information is accurate, we'll have to get someone to scout the situation. I'll leave that to you, Elder Hui," the Long Family patriarch said.

"No problem, I'll be back in half a day," Elder Hui replied with a nod before flying away as a streak of black light.

Following Elder Hui's departure, the Long Family patriarch finally turned to the two devilish beings. "I have some things to ask the two of you; if you reply truthfully, you'll be rewarded, but if not, I'm sure you know what's going to happen to you."

"Please go ahead, Senior; we'll definitely tell you everything that we know," the burly devilish man immediately replied.

The elderly devilish man also nodded eagerly with an obedient and respectful expression.

"How far away from this place is Blood Crow City, and how far away is the nearest city to Blood Crow City? Also, what is the name of your city lord and what's his cultivation base?" the Long Family patriarch asked.

He was posing many questions all at once, but none of them were taboo or related to confidential information, so the burly devilish man immediately replied, "Blood Crow City is around 50,000 kilometers away from here, and the closest city to it is Night Asura City, but it'll take at least two months to get there. As for our city lord, his name is Bing Qianren, and he's a mid-stage devilish lord."

"A mid-stage devilish lord, eh? That's not bad. What's the current situation in Blood Crow City like? Are there any teleportation formations in the city that lead to other cities? Alternatively, is there any way to skirt around the beast tide in the east?" the Long Family patriarch continued.

The burly devilish man hesitated momentarily before replying, "In order to ensure that the city is prepared for a sudden attack from the Butterflytail Beasts, we're in a state of total lockdown, but we'd be more than happy to have you. Unfortunately, our city is too small to facilitate teleportation formations. There is naturally a way to skirt around the beast tide, but it would take far more than half a month to do so, so I suggest you all wait in the city until the beast tide passed before continuing onward."

"Regardless of how long it's going to take, I still want to know how we can skirt around the beast tide; I'll be the one to decide whether that option is suitable for us or not. Also, you have a map of this nearby area, right? Make a copy for me," the Long Family patriarch instructed.

"Yes, Senior; please forgive me for jumping to conclusions in your stead! The beast tide in the east covers a very large area, so if you want to skirt around it, you'll have to travel through the Withered Leaf Forest to the south or the grassland to the north..." The burly devilish man immediately revealed everything that he knew, and at the end, he pulled out a black crystal that he handed over to the Long Family patriarch.

The Long Family patriarch accepted the black crystal

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