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All of the high-grade cultivators present immediately flew away in different directions upon hearing this with a few exceptions, but those outliers were also forced to retreat in the face of the cold glare aimed toward them by the white-haired elderly man.

"Hmph, I can't believe those bastards were planning to take the world's origin Qi gathered by Fellow Daoist Han at such a crucial juncture!" the white-robed elderly man harrumphed coldly.

"It's no wonder that some people would try to take such a risk. The world's origin Qi that Fellow Daoist Han has gathered is of the highest level of purity; if they can even take a tiny portion of it, they would benefit immensely," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue chuckled.

"But if we were to allow that, it could affect the reformation of Fellow Daoist Han's soul. The effect would be virtually negligible, but we certainly wouldn't want Fellow Daoist Han to become dissatisfied with our city over something like this," the white-robed elderly man said as a complex look appeared on his face.

"Indeed. Besides, if something were to go wrong during the reformation of Fellow Daoist Han's soul, he definitely wouldn't let those opportunistic individuals off the hook. In any case, Fellow Daoist Han's successful breakthrough to the late-Body Integration Stage is fantastic news for our city. Even now, I still feel like I'm in a dream. I had quite a great deal of confidence in Fellow Daoist Han, but even I didn't think that he would be able to transcend such a fearsome tribulation so smoothly," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue sighed.

"It's only taken Fellow Daoist Han several centuries to progress from the early-Body Integration Stage to the late-Body Integration Stage. Compared to him, I feel like I've wasted my entire life! Perhaps there really is a chance that he'll become a second Grand Ascension cultivator of our human race," the white-robed elderly man mused as he stroked his long beard.

"Indeed, with Fellow Daoist Han's stunning aptitude, it's certainly not impossible. However, while progressing to the late-Body Integration Stage is already extremely arduous, it still pales in comparison to a Grand Ascension Stage breakthrough. Even for Fellow Daoist Han, there's only a very slim opportunity," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue replied with a nod.

"Of course, but he still has a sliver of an opportunity to attain immortality in the future. In contrast, that ship has already sailed for us, and we can only await the conclusion of our lifespans," the white-robed elderly man said in a slightly dejected manner.

"There's no need to dwell so much on this matter, Fellow Daoist Gu; very few people in the entire history of our human race have managed to reach the Grand Ascension Stage; we're already immensely fortunate to have Senior Mo in our generation," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue replied.

"Hehe, you sure are enlightened, Fellow Daoist Jin. Indeed, you're right. Even for Grand Ascension cultivators, there's one final major obs

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