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Bao Hua remained completely expressionless upon seeing this, but she immediately made a grabbing motion toward the jade plate, and white light flashed, following which a giant hand that was over 1,000 feet in size emerged out of thin air.

The hand spread its five fingers, and scorching white flames were ignited all over its surface as it grabbed toward the jade plate down below.

Another roar of fury rang out from within the jade plate as the taichi diagram detached itself from the jade plate, then expanded to around twice its original size as it hurtled toward the massive hand. A loud buzzing sound then rang out from the jade plate itself, and the nearby space twisted and blurred as it prepared to teleport away again.

As soon as the giant taichi diagram came into contact with the giant hand, the former immediately began to tremor violently before being crushed into pieces as the massive hand's fingers closed around it.

The scorching white flames instantly incinerated the fragments of the taichi diagram into nothingness, then swept downward to encompass the jade plate as well.

The three Xue Guang clones were naturally very alarmed by this, and three different voices rang out in unison, begging for mercy and cursing Bao Hua at the same time. However, the white flames didn't falter in the slightest, and the pristine white jade plate was almost instantly turned into a scorching crimson color in the face of the fierce flames.

Once the giant hand grabbed firmly onto the jade plate, five white fiery dragons flew out of its fingertips before revolving around the treasure, and the jade plate began to melt away layer by layer.

"No!" A cry of fury and alarm rang out from within the jade plate, following which a miniature pagoda that was only around several inches in size flew out. The pagoda then transformed into a rainbow projection that was over 1,000 feet tall in a flash, and the five fiery dragons were forcibly kept at bay.

The dragons were still thrashing violently and blasting flames out of their mouths, but the rainbow pagoda projection remained firm and resolute.

On top of that, rainbow light flashed from the surface of the projection, and it absorbed a lot of the white flames to bolster itself. However, right at this moment, the giant sun up above began to crash down like a massive mountain at Bao Hua's behest.

The rainbow pagoda projection was indeed extremely profound, but there was no way that the three Xue Guang clones could unleash the treasure's full power. Thus, in the face of the massive sun, it only lasted several seconds before crumbling away into pieces.

The shattered specks of rainbow light converged to form a miniature pagoda again, but on this occasion, it had completely lost its luster.

The massive white sun continued to descend, and the giant plate had no time to react before it was also inundated.

Within the scintillating white light, the jade plate began to melt again, and just

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