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The return journey proved to be a very smooth one for Han Li. Flying at full speed, he returned to the yellow desert in just a day, and the devilish node soon appeared up ahead.

Everything was the same as when he had left the node, and Han Li wasn't all that surprised to see this.

The black Qi around his body faded, and he transformed into a heavenly phoenix again before flying toward the node as a faint streak of light.

After just a few flashes, he flew into the node, escaping the detection of the devilish guards down below once again, and this journey through the node was also a smooth and uneventful one.

A short while later, the heavenly phoenix emerged in the Spirit Realm as a ball of five-colored light, but in the instant before he exited the node, he swept his spiritual sense through the surrounding area.

As he had expected, devilish beings had surrounded the node, and a cold smile appeared on his face after detecting this.

Bright light erupted from the heavenly phoenix's body, and it disappeared from the spatial passageway in a flash.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations appeared outside the node, and an azure figure emerged out of thin air.

As soon as Han Li appeared, a loud cry of "attack" rang out nearby.

Immediately thereafter, countless streaks of black light hurtled toward him from all sides, and fierce winds were swept up overhead as a dozen or so two-headed devilish birds swooped down from above.

Down below, two azure battle arks that were each several hundred feet in length emerged, and they blasted forth two pillars of black light that reached Han Li in a flash.

Several hundred devilish guards had gathered near the exit of the node, and as soon as Han Li had returned, they immediately unleashed a torrential barrage of attacks.

Han Li had anticipated this situation well in advance, and despite the fierce attacks being aimed at him, a faint smile appeared on his face.

He abruptly swept a sleeve forward, and a burst of grey light swept forth before forming a translucent light barrier that completely shielded his body within.

He then flicked his fingers casually up toward the giant devilish birds, paying no heed to the oncoming streaks of black light around him.

Around a dozen streaks of azure sword Qi shot forth in a flash from his fingertips, and before they even knew what had happened, each of the devilish birds had been sliced into two.

Their carcasses crashed down from above amid a rain of blood, and the high-grade devilish beings appraising the proceedings from afar were extremely alarmed to see this.

Those two-headed devilish birds possessed bodies that were more resolute than iron and steel; even the average treasure wouldn't be able to harm them in the slightest, yet they had just been sliced apart by Han Li with ease!

However, whatever was even more astonishing to them was that all of the streaks of black light and that pillar of light had vanish

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