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A resounding boom rang out, and all of the devilish Qi that had poured out of the coffin instantly swept back into it. Thus, all of the black Qi permeating throughout the entire hall vanished in the blink of an eye.

As a result, the patterns on the surface of the coffin began to radiate dazzling white light, creating an unsettling contrast with the inky-black body of the coffin.

However, the white light only flashed for the span of a few breaths before it immediately dimmed.

Right at this moment, bursts of buzzing rang out from within the coffin, and hundreds of ancient silver runes shot forth before forming six massive shimmering silver projections up above.

These were all projections of humanoid devilish beings of different physical descriptions.

These silver projections only appeared for an instant before they also disintegrated into specks of silver light.

In the next instant, a faint moan rang out from within the coffin, and an arm that was encased in black armor emerged. Immediately thereafter, a slender black-armored warrior slowly rose to her feet from within the coffin.

Not only was this armored warrior wearing a suit of antiquated black armor, she was also wearing a menacing visor that concealed everything aside from her clear blue eyes.

"Sister Liu Ji, how much of your power can you channel through this clone?" Yuan Cha asked with a concerned look in her eyes as soon as the armored warrior emerged.

"It'll still be somewhat restricted in this realm, but I'll be able to channel around 20% of my power through it, which will be enough to handle all enemies below the Grand Ascension Stage," the armored warrior replied.

"I see, 20% of your power will indeed be enough to dominate the human race. You awakened at just the right time, Sister; I've encountered a problem that I'll require your assistance with," Yuan Cha said as the concern in her eyes gave way to elation.

"Oh? What's the issue? Hold on, you don't seem to be alone here; who's in that All-encompassing Plate? Could it be that Du Long descended into the Spirit Realm as well?" the armored warrior asked in a slightly surprised manner as she caught sight of the giant jade plate beside the stone hall.

"No, it's Xue Guang's clones who are currently using the treasure. We're currently pursuing a human cultivator who possesses the Devil Sealing Lock, Purple Word Cauldron, and Chaotic Yin Yang Qi!" Yuan Cha revealed.

A hint of surprise appeared in the armored warrior's eyes upon hearing this, but her voice remained quite calm as she said, "Devil Sealing Lock and Chaotic Yin Yang Qi? That's rather interesting. Give me a detailed recount of what happened."

Yuan Cha nodded before explaining the situation. "So this is what happened; I originally descended into this realm at your behest to prevent a plot hatched by the humans that'll be of detriment to our holy race. However, during that process..."

It took Yuan Cha around 10 minutes to

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