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"Hmph, you were lucky this time, but if I can manifest an inner demon once, then I can do it a second time! There's definitely no way you'll be able to survive," the Heavenly Devilish Monarch roared in a furious voice.

Immediately thereafter, a ball of black Qi emerged out of thin air, then quickly began to take on a humanoid form.

"There won't be a second time! You're delusional if you think you can go into hiding again after you've already revealed yourself to me!" Han Li harrumphed coldly in response, then suddenly opened one of his three mouths to expel a ball of azure light.

The azure light was formed by the spiritual Qi within his body, and it contained a stick of yellow half-burned incense that was giving off the faint aroma of sandalwood.

Blue light flashed from the eyes of Han Li's central head, and he made a grabbing motion to draw the stick of incense into his grasp before rubbing two his hands together vigorously.

A ball of silver flames emerged between his palms, and a plume of faint yellow smoke instantly began to disperse through the air.

At the same time, one of his other heads exhaled with all its might, and the yellow smoke transformed into an arrow that shot forth through the air, then abruptly vanished mid-flight.

In the next instant, the arrow reappeared amid a flash of yellow light not far away from Han Li before plunging into what appeared to be nothing more than empty space.

A muffled groan rang out, and a ball of twisted black light suddenly appeared out of thin air. The yellow arrow was embedded right into the center of the ball of light.

There was a miniature humanoid figure that was around several inches tall situated within the black light, and even though its body had been impaled by the arrow, it chuckled in a derisive manner, "Hmph, you think an ordinary treasure like this can harm me? You must be getting desperate."

The miniature humanoid figure's facial features were completely indistinguishable, but just the mere sight of the pure devilish Qi emanating from its body made the onlooker feel as if they had been plunged into a glacial pit.

A relieved look appeared on Han Li's face upon confirming that the arrow had struck its target, and he said in a cold voice, "When did I say this is an ordinary treasure? Seeing as you're just a wisp of a Heavenly Devilish Monarch's devilish intent, this thing will be more than enough to get rid of you."

"What? This is..." The miniature humanoid figure shuddered as it suddenly recalled what this item was from its extensive wealth of memories.

However, it was already too late. In the next instant, the yellow arrow exploded, and yellow smoke that carried the faint fragrance of sandalwood instantly dispersed to encompass roughly the surrounding acre of space.

The miniature black figure was unable to maintain its form within the faint yellow smoke, and before it completely vanished, it yelled in an indignant manner, "Impossible

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