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"One of my seniors is an old acquaintance of Senior Ao's, so I did see him from afar a few times," the man replied in an ambiguous manner.

"Oh? Then do you know why Senior Ao could be looking for you?" the middle-aged woman asked.

"How would I know? I'm just as confused as you are, Fellow Daoist. Also, Senior Ao didn't just ask to see me on my own; he instructed both myself and Brother Luo to go and see him, so he must have something to tell us," the man replied with a shake of his head.

The middle-aged woman merely smiled and didn't pry any further into the matter.

Following Patriarch Ao Xiao's departure, the rest of the people in the hall didn't have any intention of staying behind, either. After continuing their discussion for a short while longer, the white-haired elderly man announced the conclusion of the meeting, and everyone departed from the hall.

Meanwhile, the red-haired man had already taken Patriarch Ao Xiao and Silvermoon to a secluded area on the island.

Not only was this the area on the island with the greatest abundance of spiritual Qi, there were seven or eight independent pavilions that were spaced out very far apart from one another.

Not only were these pavilions extremely intricate and well constructed, they each had a designated tool refinement chamber, pill refinement chamber, and secret chamber for cultivation purposes.

After leading Patriarch Ao Xiao to this place, the red-haired man asked him to choose a pavilion himself, only for Patriarch Ao Xiao to merely pick a pavilion at random.

The red-haired man naturally didn't dare to state any objections, and after organizing a group of servants for him and Silvermoon, he immediately departed.

Patriarch Ao Xiao sat on the main seat in the hall and raised a hand in an expressionless manner to dismiss the servants in the room. Thus, he and Silvermoon were the only people left in the hall.

He sat on his chair in silence and narrowed his eyes slightly, seemingly contemplating something. All the while, Silvermoon stood peacefully beside him, content to remain silent as well.

"At your current cultivation base, there's no reason why you shouldn't have made a breakthrough to the Body Integration Stage with all of the pills I've given to you. However, you've failed thrice in the past century; it seems that the only thing holding you back is your inability to get over your own inner demons. If you fail another breakthrough attempt, then you'll most likely find it very difficult to ever make a breakthrough," Patriarch Ao Xiao suddenly said.

Silvermoon lowered her head slightly, and replied, "Sorry for disappointing you with my incompetence, Grandfather."

"Looks like it'll be very difficult for you to undo the knot in our heart. Ever since you returned from that lower realm, you've given Tian Kui the cold shoulder and even moved in to live with me. I've never forced you to tell me the reason for this, and I haven't forced you to re

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