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The person seated on the ground was none other than Han Li.

Judging from his current expression, he didn't seem to be in a very good condition.

The grey specks of light were constantly drifting around him, occasionally taking on the forms of malicious monsters, as well humanoid projections of both genders and all ages. However, regardless of what form the grey specks of light took, all of them immediately pounced viciously toward Han Li, only to be forced into retreat by the treasures hovering around him.

As such, these malicious apparitions could only continue to buzz around the area encompassed by the treasures. However, as they were forced back over and over again, these beings were gradually becoming more and more violent and impatient.

Han Li paid no heed to these beings at all, but the situation seemed to be becoming more and more strenuous for him.

In reality, that was indeed the case.

Within a certain mysterious space within his mind, an azure-robed spiritual sense clone of his was currently locked in battle with someone else.

The opponent wore an inky-black robe and was controlling 72 black flying swords. The black-robed figure's appearance was completely identical to Han Li, but there was crimson light shimmering within his eyes, and he had a sinister smile on his face. His entire body was also enshrouded in devilish Qi, making him resemble an almighty fiendcelestial.

Han Li made hand seals with both hands, controlling his 72 azure flying swords with one hand while releasing bolts of golden lightning with the other. However, the black-robed Han Li was able to easily counter the azure flying swords with his black flying swords, and he also released bolts of black lightning that were even thicker than the oncoming bolts of golden lightning in retaliation.

Han Li's expression darkened upon seeing this, and over 100 arcs of golden lightning erupted from his body at once to eradicate the oncoming bolts of black lightning.

All of a sudden, an extremely sweet and pleasant female voice rang out. "Hehe, resistance is futile, brat; this inner demon is a complete replica of yourself. No, in fact, with the enhancements it's receiving from me, it's even more powerful than you; I'm sure you've also realized this after battling it for so long."

"Hmph, this inner demon is indeed slightly more powerful than I am, but you're delusional if you think it can defeat me. You only managed to sneak into my soul during a lapse of concentration. Otherwise, this inner demon wouldn't even exist," Han Li said with a dark expression as he flipped his hand over to reveal a short silver ruler, which he swept through the air to release countless ruler projections toward the inner demon.

"You are indeed far more powerful than I imagined, and it would be unrealistic to expect a mere inner demon to destroy your soul, but don't forget that you're transcending your late-Body Integration Stage tribulation. I don't know how you

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