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Several hours later, Master Azure Dragon and his two disciples arrived at the teleportation hall of Deep Heaven City, and the guards immediately rushed out to greet him.

"We pay our respects to Elder Azure Dragon! May I ask why you've come here, Elder?" the Spatial Tempering Stage leader of the guards asked in a respectful manner.

He was clearly aware of the fact that Master Azure Dragon had already become an elder of Deep Heaven City.

"Activate the teleportation formation right away; I have to leave the city to do something," Master Azure Dragon instructed in an implacable voice.

"What? You're planning to use the teleportation formation? May I ask if you have a permit from the panel of elders?" the Spatial Tempering cultivator asked in a hesitant manner.

"Hmph, I'm an elder of the city, and I demand to use the teleportation formation!" Master Azure Dragon repeated in a cold voice.

"Forgive me, Elder Azure Dragon, but the panel of elders passed down a strict order two days ago, stating that all cultivators who wish to use the teleportation formations had to receive permission from the panel of elders first. If I were to go against this order, then all of us would be punished severely; please don't make our job more difficult than it has to be," the Spatial Tempering cultivator said with furrowed brows.

Master Azure Dragon's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and after a moment of contemplation, he said, "I see. In that case, I'll go and request a permit from the panel of elders."

"Thank you for your consideration, Elder Azure Dragon, we are truly grate... Ah, Senior Azure Dragon, what are you doing?!" The Spatial Tempering cultivator had just heaved a sigh of relief when the air suddenly tightened around him, and he was completely immobilized.

All of the other guards had also been bound by the same burst of invisible restrictive power, and expressions of shock and horror appeared on all of their faces.

"No need to be alarmed; I have something that I need to do, and I can't afford to be delayed here," Master Azure Dragon said with a cold expression.

He then raised a hand, and a white jade badge suddenly appeared in his grasp. He waved the badge toward the restrictions behind the gate of the hall, and a pillar of white light shot forth to nullify the restrictions.

A hint of elation appeared in Master Azure Dragon's eyes upon seeing this, and he immediately led his disciples onto one of the smaller teleportation formations in the hall.

A buzzing sound rang out as the formation was activated, and Master Azure Dragon's trio vanished amid a flash of white light.

Only then did the guards regain their mobility, and the Spatial Tempering cultivator immediately yelled in a panicked manner, "Inform the panel of elders of what happened here and repair the restrictions right away!"

Some of the guards hurriedly pulled out communication formation plates, while the rest summoned a series o

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