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Bao Hua merely made a peculiar hand seal in a nonchalant manner upon seeing this, and a dull thump rang out as two pillars of translucent light erupted out of the massive flower beneath the pair of stone giants.

The two pillars of light were as fast as lightning, and reached the two giants in a flash. The pair of giants were naturally greatly alarmed by this, and they tried to take evasive measures, but it was already too late.

The two pillars of light completely disregarded the protective spiritual light around them before vanishing into their bodies in a flash.

The two of them only had a chance to cry out in shock and fury before a series of crystalline flowers appeared over every single inch of their bodies.

The two stone giants had been instantly sealed within a layer of a mysterious crystalline substance and were completely immobilized.

Bao Hua raised a hand in silence as she appraised the two stone giants, and white light flashed from the crystalline substance over the bodies of the giants.

Immediately thereafter, the pair of giants began to rapidly shrink, and in the blink of an eye, they had been reduced to a pair of fist-sized objects that were stowed away up her sleeve.

"Congratulations on vanquishing those powerful enemies, Mistress!" Hei'e hurriedly rushed over to offer his congratulations.

"They were merely three clones of Xue Guang's; they can hardly be considered as powerful enemies. In contrast, Liu Ji's six clones are all very important allies to her. After being struck by that Sunset Arrow of mine, it'll take at least 100 years for her to recover to her former level of power," Bao Hua said in an indifferent voice.

"Then should we give chase and kill them all? This is a very rare opportunity!" Hei'e suggested in a careful manner.

Bao Hua contemplated this suggestion momentarily before replying, "There's no need for that. Liu Ji definitely has some type of life-saving movement technique up her sleeve; even if I were to pursue her with all my power, the chances of being able to catch her are still rather slim. My top priority now is the Celestial Cloud Flower. If I allow the flower to slip away, then it'll be very difficult to find it again in the future. Let's go."

"Yes, Mistress!" Hei'e replied in a respectful manner.

Immediately thereafter, the giant flower beneath Bao Hua rotated on the spot, releasing a burst of pink light that swept up both of them before teleporting them away.

Thus, peace and quiet returned to the area, and it was as if nothing had ever happened there.


In a secluded valley countless kilometers away, two shimmering silver lightning formations of different sizes appeared in mid-air amid a rumbling thunderclap.

The smaller of the two lightning formations was contained within the larger one, and at the center of both formations stood a pair of humanoid figures.

One of them was an azure-robed young man, while the other was a burly man with

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