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"There should be a designated sparring venue here, right, Fellow Daoist Gu?" Han Li asked as he turned toward the grey-robed elderly man.

"Of course. Our Origin Pocket Pavilion has a private space established in a spatial rift. Even a Body Integration Stage battle in the rift wouldn't affect the outside world, so it'll be perfect to facilitate your sparring match," Elder Gu replied.

Buddhist Monk Jin Yue's eyelids twitched slightly in response to the three-attack agreement that had just been forged.

All of the elders of the city had heard from Fairy Silver Light that Han Li was far more powerful than cultivators of the same cultivation base and had even managed to kill several devilish lords in succession, but if it were only three attacks, then Master Azure Dragon should be able to handle it.

Otherwise, one could only say that Master Azure Dragon was nowhere near as powerful as his reputation suggested, and there would be no need for the panel of elders to continue protecting him at the risk of offending Han Li.

After thinking through all of this, Buddhist Monk Jin Yue tried his hand at persuasion again, but could only give up with a wry smile when his efforts failed to bear fruit.

As for Fairy Silver Light and Elder Gu, the former was on Han Li's side, while the other didn't want to offend either side, so they naturally raised no objections, either.

Thus, they were led out of the hall by Elder Gu.

However, just before departing, Han Li suddenly turned toward Xiao Hong and the others, and said in a cold voice, "If I don't see you at my abode at the same time tomorrow, hehe, I'm sure you know the consequences that await you!"

After that, he strode out of the hall, and none of Xiao Hong's group dared to say anything in response.

As for Buddhist Monk Jin Yue and the others, they merely pretended not to have heard anything and didn't even look at Xiao Hong's group before departing.

Master Azure Dragon took an expressionless glance at them before his departure, but didn't say anything in the end.

Following the departure of Han Li and the others, a demonic cultivator with dense black fur all over his face immediately turned to Xiao Hong with a depressed expression. "What do we do, Fairy Xiao? Senior Azure Dragon seems to have no intention of standing up for us!"

"This is not what we agreed upon initially, Fellow Daoist. You told us that Senior Azure Dragon had assured you that Senior Han had already passed away, and that Senior Azure Dragon would stand up for us, so there's no risk involved. I believe you owe us an explanation!" another human cultivator chimed in in an urgent manner.

The other remained silent, but all of them were also looking at Xiao Hong.

"Hmph, do you think I can be exempt from all of this? I merely passed on Senior Azure Dragon's promise to all of you; how would I know that he would be so wary of Senior Han that he doesn't even dare to stand up for us? It's a good thing

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