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"There are many mid-Body Integration Stage fellow daoists in our human and demon races just like us, but only very few who have made it to the late-Body Integration Stage. If I recall correctly, Fellow Daoist Han seems to have only reached the mid-Body Integration Stage not long ago; this rate of progression is far too extraordinary! Even the most legendary figures in the history of our two races most likely can't compare with him," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue agreed with a nod.

"It's exactly because of Fellow Daoist Han's stunning aptitude that this step will be even more difficult for him to take. After such a short time, his foundation can't be all that solid; that'll increase the difficulty of making this breakthrough," the white-robed elderly man said.

"Hehe, we're all just speculating here; it's yet to be seen what's actually going to happen. Perhaps Fellow Daoist Han will give the two of us a huge surprise," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue chuckled.

"I certainly hope so. If another late-Body Integration cultivator can support our city, then we'll have a much easier time against the devilish army. Fellow Daoist Han's powers as a mid-Body Integration cultivator were already comparable to those of a late-Body Integration cultivator; if he were to succeed in this breakthrough, he would most likely even be able to face a Sacred Ancestor clone in battle," the white-robed elderly man mused.

"Indeed. Prior to the descent of the true bodies of the Sacred Ancestors into this realm, their clones will be the most powerful beings in the devilish army. If there's a way for Fellow Daoist Han to hold them off, then we can abandon our original plan and focus our efforts on dealing with those devilish lords," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue said as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

The white-robed elderly man nodded in response before turning toward the phenomena taking place in the distance again.

At this point, the fiery clouds up above had already transformed into a crimson sea that had encompassed virtually the entire sky, and beneath the fiery clouds, a series of giant runes of different colors were taking shape.

These runes were radiating dazzling light, and in the next instant, they abruptly surged up toward the fiery clouds, as if they were about to pierce through the clouds.

A loud buzzing sound rang out from the fiery clouds, and they began to churn even more violently. As soon as the giant runes came into contact with the clouds, a peculiar sizzling sound rang out, following which the runes began to crumble away.

They had been completely repressed under the clouds.

A cold harrumph suddenly reverberated through the entire space, following which a blurry humanoid figure that was over 10,000 feet tall appeared amid a flash of azure light, then pointed upward several times in quick succession in an expressionless manner.

Invisible ripples ran through the space up above, and the rate at which the giant runes were being manifes

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