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"It seems that only the Sacred Ancestors are aware of the reason behind this desperate devilish invasion; even the average devilish lord has been kept completely in the dark. We've taken huge risks in the past to capture devilish lords alive, but we've been unable to glean any relevant information even after using soul search techniques on them," the white-robed woman said in a resigned manner.

"Hmph, regardless of why the Elder Devil Race is doing this, we definitely can't allow them to do as they please. The backup measures we've prepared have all been implemented, and two of them are mostly complete; they should be enough to put a severe dent in the devilish army. Even if the true bodies of some Sacred Ancestors were to descend into the Spirit Realm, it won't make any difference. The only matter of concern is that our sources have confirmed that the three patriarchs of the Elder Devil Race will descend into the Spirit Realm together. If that happens, even if all of the Grand Ascension Stage beings of our races join forces, we most likely won't be a match for them. I've heard that all of the three patriarchs are old monsters who have lived for hundreds of thousands of years and are only one step away from ascending to become true devils," the red-haired man said with furrowed brows.

Everyone's expressions darkened even further upon hearing this, and the white-robed woman sighed, "The three patriarchs of the Elder Devil Race are all Tribulation Transcendence Stage ancient devils. Even in the entire Spirit Realm, there won't be many beings who can defeat them, let alone our races. The only beings that would be capable of defeating those patriarchs would be the true spirits revered by the major races, but our races are far too weak; where are we going to find a true spirit that would be willing to help us? If we can't find a way to counter the three patriarchs, our fate will be sealed even if we can withstand the attacks from the devilish army."

Just as everyone was beginning to exchange concerned glances, a clean-shaven man suddenly spoke for the first time. "There's no need to be overly concerned. Back when Master Mo Jianli left the holy island, he said that he would seek out the Grand Ascension Stage beings of the other races to devise a way to counter the devilish patriarchs. A long time has passed since then; perhaps they've already found a way."

"Is that true, Fellow Daoist Xun? Why haven't we ever heard of this?" the red-haired man hurriedly asked as a surprised look appeared on his face.

Everyone else was also both surprised and elated to hear this.

"Only Brother Luo and I are aware of. Prior to Senior Mo's departure, he had told us not to reveal this information unless the situation demanded it, so we never mentioned it to anyone. Now, the situation seems to be dire enough for me to divulge this information," the clean-shaven man sighed.

"Is that true, Brother Luo?" the white-robed woman immediately turned to

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