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"Regardless of who he is, now that a Grand Ascension Stage being has appeared, it looks like we won't be able to hide this any longer; we may as well spread the word and recruit their assistance to make a gamble. Surely that would be better than missing our opportunity and ending up with nothing." Having made up his mind, the masked man swept a sleeve through the air and instantly vanished on the spot.

At this moment, Han Li was walking along a street, having visited a few of the larger shops to replenish his supplies.

After that, he went to a slightly secluded inn and rented a small independent courtyard, where he stayed and began to meditate.

Three days later, Han Li returned to the plaza, where Patriarch Hua Shi and Zhu Guo'er were already waiting for him, and the three returned to the inn together.

Han Li then informed the two of them that he had suddenly made a breakthrough in a secret technique, so he would have to go into seclusion for some time and set the search for the ancient altar aside for now.

He also instructed the two to stay in the courtyard and cultivate in the meantime, and to not go out unless it was necessary.

Patriarch Hua Shi and Zhu Guo'er naturally accepted this arrangement.

Thus, for the next month or so, the three of them cultivated in the courtyard without leaving even once.

On this day, Han Li was in the process of meditating when he suddenly opened his eyes, seemingly having sensed something.

His expression then darkened slightly as golden light erupted from his body, and he shot out of the room as a streak of golden light.

Almost at the exact same moment, an earth-shattering boom rang out, and a massive fireball exploded above the inn akin to a scorching sun.

Powerful shockwaves surged forth in all directions, toppling all of the surrounding buildings, and the majority of the people near the site of the explosion instantly exploded into clouds of blood mist, while only a minority of beings with advanced cultivation bases were able to rush out of the affected area before looking up with alarmed expressions.

Patriarch Hua Shi and Zhu Guo'er were naturally among the latter group.

Due to the flight restrictions, no one was able to rise up into the air, but they could still see everything clearly from down below.

At the site of the explosion, there were two humanoid figures facing each from afar while hovering in mid-air.

One of them was a young man in a set of daoist robes, while the other was a wrinkly old woman with ahead of white hair, and both of them were giving off astonishing auras.

It was clear that those were responsible for the explosion.

"Those must be Grand Ascension Stage beings! Even Body Integration Stage beings can't rise too high up into the air with the potent flight restrictions in place in this city," someone immediately exclaimed.

Some of the people who had survived the explosion were looking up with enraged expressions, but a

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