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The elderly man stepped forward and covered a distance of several hundred feet in a flash, instantly arriving before the blood soul.

The blood soul hurriedly shot back in retreat, while the azure-armored puppet pulled back the string of its bow before releasing countless streaks of golden light.

Meanwhile, the black-armored puppet thrust its spear through the air, and a giant blue flower with a diameter of around 10 feet was manifested at the tip of the spear before descending toward the elderly man.

As the flower descended from above, it released a glacial aura, threatening to freeze the space around the elderly man.

At the same time, the streaks of golden light were converging from all directions.

The two puppets were displaying seamless teamwork.

The elderly man harrumphed coldly as a layer of crimson lightning flashed all over his body, tearing the surrounding glacial Qi apart and repelling all of the oncoming streaks of golden light with ease.

He then made a grabbing motion toward the blue flower, and it immediately vanished amid a dull thump, revealing the tip of the blue spear, which the elderly man caught with his bare hand with ease.

The spear-wielding puppet tried to wrench its spear out of the man's grasp, but the weapon refused to budge, as if it had taken root on the man's hand.

Meanwhile, a hint of light flashed through the bow-wielding puppet's eyes, and it began to emit an astonishing aura as it released a long streak of golden light from its bow, which hurtled directly toward the elderly man.

The elderly man chuckled coldly as he opened his mouth to release a ball of crimson lightning, which instantly swelled to the size of a water tank.

The two immediately exploded on contact, and the crimson lighting completely inundated the streak of golden light before surging toward the bow-wielding puppet with unerring accuracy, instantly reducing it to ashes.

At the same time, the spear-wielding puppet was also destroyed by a giant crimson hand that had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Immediately thereafter, the elderly man appeared right in front of the blood soul before reaching a hand out toward her.

"Hand over your key and treasure, and I'll grant you a quick and painless death. Otherwise, hehe..."

A sinister look appeared on his face as he spoke.

"You were able to enter this place, so you clearly have a key of your own; why are you so intent on taking mine?" the blood soul asked as she retreated with a fearful expression.

"Hmph, do you think I don't know that there are some special places in the Heavenly Cauldron Palace that can only be accessed using the corresponding keys? I only have a replica key, so I naturally have to collect other keys as backups. If you're not willing to hand over your key, then I'll have to take it by force!" the elderly man harrumphed coldly as he made a grabbing motion toward the blood soul.

The gesture seemed to be very ordinary,

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