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The short sword began to emit a buzzing sound, while the images of the insects began to roam over the sword's blade as if they had sprung to life.

The elderly man with the Yu surname swept an arm through the air, and the short sword immediately hurtled toward the metal cage as a streak of crimson light.

As soon as the streak of crimson light struck the cage, countless arcs of golden lightning erupted amid a loud thunderclap.

The crimson light was immediately repelled, then returned to the elderly man's hand as a short sword again.

"This is Divine Devilbane Lightning!"

The elderly man was stunned to see this, and he hurriedly examined the short sword to find that several thin cracks had appeared on its surface, indicating that it had suffered severe damage.

If Han Li were present, he would also be stunned to see this.

The golden lightning that had erupted from the metal cage did indeed appear to be rather similar to Divine Devilbane Lightning, but upon closer inspection, one would discover that it was different.

The lightning was also of a shimmering golden color, but it was intermingled with purplish-golden runes, and it was far more powerful than Han Li's Divine Devilbane Lightning.

"It really is Divine Devilbane Lightning! Wait, no, it doesn't seem to be ordinary Divine Devilbane Lightning. I recall that Daoist Tian Ding had mastered several types of lightning, as well as an ability that allowed him to refine and purify lightning, and this ability could increase the power of lightning abilities by over tenfold," the final elderly man said with furrowed brows.

"That's a huge problem. Divine Devilbane Lightning is extremely effective against Witch Dao abilities to begin with; how are we going to counter this purified Divine Devilbane Lightning?" the elderly man with the Yu surname asked as he stowed his short sword away.

The sword didn't appear to be all that remarkable, but it actually possessed several incredible abilities, so he was extremely frustrated that it had been damaged here.

"Rest assured, no matter how powerful this Divine Devilbane Lightning is, it's not being wielded by anyone, so dispelling it will only be a matter of time. There's definitely more than just one restriction on this cage, and the latter restrictions will most likely be even more difficult to counter; that's what I'm most worried about," the elderly man with the Wu surname said as he appraised the sharp spikes on the cage and the crimson chain binding the corpse.

"No matter how difficult it's going to be, we have to succeed. Otherwise, our efforts up to this point would all be wasted. Let me see if my Infernal Yin Water will be able to dispel this Divine Devilbane Lightning," the final elderly man said before opening his mouth to release a grey gourd.

He then pointed a finger at the gourd, and it tipped itself over to pour out a wave of inky-black water.

The water seemed to possess incredible glacial power

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