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"We can't do that; there's no way to reach the centrum through the other areas. We have no choice but to follow him; take care not to be discovered. We should still be able to enter the centrum area first while he's scouring that area for treasures," Xiao Ming decided.

"Looks like that's our only option. Come to think of it, the Three Witch Spirit Saints also went to quite an interesting area; that seems to the blood prison where Daoist Tian Ding sealed away several powerful enemies of his," Daoist Qing Ping said in a concerned manner.

"I'm aware of that, but it's not like we can do anything to prevent them from going there. There could be powerful treasures left behind by those enemies of Daoist Tian Ding's in that blood prison, but they're still not as important as seizing control of the centrum," Xiao Ming said with furrowed brows.

"That's a real pity. According to the tomes I inherited, the enemies trapped in the blood prison possessed powers comparable to those of Daoist Tian Ding. They would've definitely already perished after all these years, but their inheritances would undoubtedly be extremely valuable as well," Daoist Qing Ping sighed in a forlorn manner.

"We had originally to set the blood prison as our second target; could it be that Three Witch Spirit Saints are also aware of its existence?" Mistress Wan Hua speculated with a dark expression.

"That's hard to say. I was the only one who received Daoist Tian Ding's inheritance, but I can't guarantee that other powerful beings of the same generation as Daoist Tian Ding didn't leave behind any leads. After all, the blood prison was something that had once been renowned throughout the entire Blood Sky Continent," Daoist Qing Ping said.

"Alright, we can't do anything about that anyway, so there's no need to speculate any further on the subject; it's about time that we continued onward," Xiao Ming said as he cast his gaze toward the area that Han Li had just entered.

Mistress Wan Hua and Daoist Qing Ping naturally didn't raise any objections.

Thus, the three of them also flew into the area enshrouded under the blue light barrier, except they chose an entry point that was quite far away from Han Li's.


"What a cold place."

Han Li was hovering in the air above a glacial world that was covered by a layer of blue snow with a peculiar expression.

There was a glacial aura all throughout the surrounding area, and there were even certain parts of his body where layers of blue frost had accumulated as the glacial Qi had pierced through the protective spiritual light there.

Ever since he had attained complete mastery over his Provenance True Devil Arts, it was extremely rare for him to feel this cold.

Judging from the glacial aura manifested by the illusion in this area, it was clear that the restriction here was far more formidable than those in the areas he had previously passed through.

After hovering in the air for a long while,

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