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"This ark is indeed a little conspicuous; I'll withdraw it once we enter Blood Bone Sect territory. Once we arrive at Blood Crane City, you can go to search for leads about your true body on your own. I'll give you two Body Integration Stage puppets to accompany you, so you'll be fine as long as you don't encounter any Grand Ascension Stage beings," Han Li said.

A hint of elation flashed through the blood soul's eyes upon hearing this. "Thank you, Senior; I'll be sure to do my best."

"There's no need to thank me over something so minor," Han Li said as he waved a dismissive hand.


Over a month later, Han Li and the others finally arrived in the territory under the Blood Bone Sect's control.

Thus, the Inkspirit Holy Ark was withdrawn and replaced by an inconspicuous black flying carriage that was drawn by several flying wolf puppets.

The next part of the trip progressed quite smoothly, and another two months later, Han Li's group arrived at a giant crimson city.

The city's construction was very interesting in that there was a blue lake on either side of the city, and the section of the city wall where the city gate was situated jutted out significantly, forming what was almost like an independent small town.

Atop the city wall was a group of crimson-armored guards that were patrolling back and forth in an absentminded manner.

A group of foreign beings was lined up outside the city gate, and only after paying some spirit stones to the guards at the gate were they granted access.

"Blood Crane City is considered to be a major city of the Blood Bone Sect, and the city produces several types of specialty products that are beneficial to mid-grade and high-grade cultivators. As such, there's an elite force from the Blood Bone Sect that's constantly situated in the city, as well as a Grand Ascension Stage grand elder, so no one dares to cause any trouble here and it's a very orderly city. However, everything is also a lot more expensive here than it is in other cities, and a sum of spirit stones must be issued if one wishes to permanently settle here," the blood soul introduced.

"We've encountered some Blood Bone Sect disciples on the way here. Setting aside their cultivation bases, all of them have a type of baleful aura emanating from their bodies, indicating that they are indeed using an extremely formidable cultivation art. It's no wonder the Blood Bone Sect is one of the major Blood Dao sects on the Blood Sky Continent and is capable of constructing such a massive city. On top of that, this city is situated right in between several mountain ranges, so it must be frequently visited by many outsiders passing through the area," Han Li analyzed as he quickly gleaned the terrain near Blood Crane City with his spiritual sense.

"Indeed, Senior. Assuming things haven't changed too much compared to when I was last here, the majority of the city's population is comprised of foreign cultivators. However, m

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